Acapulco Birthday Freebie

I'm looking over the list of restaurants I still have to post for this series and I think I'm about to down to regional ones. That can be both good and bad. On the negative side they're only available to certain people. But as the Acapulco birthday freebie shows, their freebies tend to be pretty good.

And again, for the record, you're not supposed to print the image above. That's merely there to show that this freebie is legit and help you know what to look for in your email.

Signup Freebie: Free guacamole
Birthday Freebie: Free entree

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday food!

10 comments on “Acapulco Birthday Freebie”

  1. how do you sign up on their site? There is a long list of restaurants. Are you suggesting we print out the list and go to each individual site?

  2. Maybe an update is in order, that free entree coupon expires in 2011 its now 2013, I’d be irritated if I use my printer/ink for a coupon they won’t honor cuz its expired.

  3. … went to the one in Jonesboro, AR. The chips and sauce were good for awhile, but after eating the main course, something wasn’t settling good in tummy.

  4. I would not eat there if you paid me…It has been shut down a couple of times for health code violations. There is one in Newton Kansas and the food is absolutely terrible.


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