Are You Following HIF on Twitter or Facebook?

Occasionally people ask why they should follow HIF's Twitter or Facebook page. Well, for starters, it's how some Hiffers were able to get the large Tide sample from last week's Freebies Received post.

Basically I sometimes find smaller offers or freebies that are about to expire. Neither are worth the time or effort it would take to write a proper post, either because they're only available for certain people or will die before I can think of something funny. So instead I throw them up on Twitter and Facebook.

As a bonus, questions asked on Facebook are answered by other Hiffers somewhat lightyears faster than if they were emailed to me. Turns out they're a pretty helpful and knowledgable bunch.

So if you're not already following HIF on Twitter or Facebook, what the heck are you waiting for?

5 comments on “Are You Following HIF on Twitter or Facebook?”

  1. I check my facebook quite a bit but I also go to the website to make sure I haven’t missed any freebies. Thanks for all you do and for all the fun and witty comments!


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