Benihana’s Birthday Freebie

Benihana Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free $30 gift certificate with the purchase of a 2nd adult entree, Mon-Thur only
  • Dinner
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Benihana's Japanese Restaurant birthday freebie is pretty darn awesome, if you ask me. What other place gives you thirty bucks every year? That's right, not a single one, and I should know because I've been going through way too many of these lately. But thankfully the Benihana birthday certificate has arrived!

For many years now Benihana has been a classic in the birthday freebies space and has almost cracked our list of the best 25 birthday freebies. They've always offered a free $30 gift certificate with the purchase of a 2nd adult entrΓ©e and they even have an extensive portion of their FAQs dedicated to their annual birthday certificate.

Be sure to register with their free chef's table e-club well in advance of your birthday to ensure coupon delivery. You should receive your free birthday gift certificate emailed at the start of your birthday month. They also send out a ton of weekly promotions and special offers throughout the year, through I do not believe they offer any sort of half-birthday offer.

You must print the certificate in order to use the certificate at your local restaurant! You'll also need to bring government ID for the name on the certificate.

Certificates are valid during dinner hours on Monday through Thursdays only. Most certificates are valid for the entire month of your birthday. Offer requires the purchase of one, full-priced adult entrΓ©e on your guest check before the certificate is applied to additional items ordered by the recipient. The maximum value of the birthday certificate is $30 and excludes alcohol, tax and gratuity. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion or discount including Happy Hour. Check their official website for a full list of terms.

So find a sitter one night and enjoy a meal! Well don't find a sitter if you don't have kids. That'd be a little weird.

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20 comments on “Benihana’s Birthday Freebie”

  1. I am so disappointed !!! I have applied and reapplied to get my Birthday coupon to no avail. I have been receiving coupons in past years but, I have not received one this year. My birthday was in August. I think you should send me my coupon along with an apology. I have been a loyal customer and I feel so disappointed and mistreated.

  2. Sad..the days I have off are fri., sat., and sun.. You guys should make it able to be used any day or at least weekdays, because many of us miss out on a great opp.! and of course most of us would bring guests as well…

  3. Tabby-

    I think you can still sign up and the coupon will be e-mail to you by Sunday. Last month I signed up 2 days before my b-day and it got to my inbox in time! It was a great experience! I ordered a seafood meal and everything was very fresh! The meal was like $36 so I only paid $6 plus tips. πŸ˜€

  4. I used this freebie last week. I love in North Carolina and there is no Benihanas near me, but I was in New York for a wedding and was able to use it there. I got a great meal, soft drink and dessert. The bill came to $29.35 before tax (coupon says you pay tax). It cost me nothing but the tip! Great freebie!


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