Caribou Coffee Birthday Freebie

Caribou Coffee Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Any drink, any size, free!
Today's Freebie Free any sized beverage after first purchase
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Caribous are intelligent, beautiful, majestic creatures! They heard my call! While this classic birthday freebie has been around forever, it was originally only a free medium drink. After some mild complaining on my part, they upgraded it to any drink, any size.

But now the Caribou Coffee birthday freebie is too vague for me. Does “free drink” include a whiskey neat? Because if so, that completely changes my opinion on coffee houses.

Their signup freebie may have changed since I joined in 2010. Could any Hiffers joining today please let me know what you got in the comments? Thanks!

4 comments on “Caribou Coffee Birthday Freebie”

  1. The perk for signing up is now a free beverage but it may require one purchase before you get it. It used to be a free drink just for signing up but some people abused that when I worked for Caribou.

  2. This one is very good. I signed up for this last year and here in NC you are allowed ANY SIZE Drink. So, I got a large one. πŸ™‚


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