Free L'OCCITANE Skincare Gift

Free L’OCCITANE Skincare Gift

This free L'Occitane Skincare gift set is valued at up to $29! The coupon is delivered via e-mail and good through 10.3.18. I'm not sure what's in each box, but they'll all include the new Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum.

You can either redeem it in-store for absolutely free or online with a $5 purchase. Either way, when you redeem your freebie, you'll also receive 20% off any other item if you choose to make a purchase! Note this isn't necessary, it's simply a bonus offer.

Free Makeup Eraser

Free Makeup Eraser

In order to get your free makeup eraser, click through the pages asking you to like their Instagram and Facebook accounts (hint, you don't have to!) You'll then be able to add a free eraser to your cart and checkout with no shipping fee at all.

These work way better than a #2 pencil.

Speaking of Instagram, feel free to follow HIF to get alerted to new freebies!

Free Nexcare Bandages

Free Nexcare Bandages

It's been a while since we've seen any free Nexcare bandages. They regularly gave them away in the summer from 2010-2015, but now all I can find are some free Nexcare coupons.

Wait, I lied, I also found some old jokes from before!

June 14 is World Blood Donor Day, which has to be the least fun world holiday out there. Giving blood is something I used to do regularly before I went through chemo and I miss it. Well, I miss the cookies and responding with “because I gave blood!” whenever people sneeringly asked why I napped that afternoon. My consolation is still qualifying for free Nexcare Give bandages. They might not taste as good as cookies, but if you're eating them you probably shouldn't be donating blood in the first place.

Trying to type this free Nexcare bandage offer on a phone is like trying to explain to my grandpa how to record a show on his DVR. It's tedious, ends in failure, and somebody will be drinking hard liquor by noon.

We're down to 20,000 free Nexcare waterproof bandages right now, so get moving. Or as the video says “don't just apply an ordinary dressing, apply science!” You heard the random voiceover lady! The next time you get a cut, apply science to it by…I don't know. Stick a Mentos in it and pour coke on top?

Ohhh, what a sneaky game 3M plays with us. They say these free Nexcare Give bandages are to raise awareness for the seriousness of donating blood, but I know what they're really up to. Sure, that's the perfect cover for a freebie giveaway, but it's also the perfect diversion for a paper product company that causes millions of paper cuts every year. Paper cuts so bad they require a blood transfusion. All stemming from a paper company like … 3M!

Na, seriously, please donate blood if you can. I still can't because of my chemo and I miss doing it.

Here's a fun game I like to play with freebies similar to these free Nexcare bandages. After receiving the sample, see how long you can go without accidentally cutting yourself and requiring the usage of said sample. My current record is 18 seconds.

Free Garnier Product Samples

Free Garnier Samples

Garnier holds the rare distinction of being a Top Three Freebie company over the years. Since starting HIF, I've posted 83 Garnier freebies and samples! Below you'll find a smattering of some of our old posts and jokes 🙂

To see a list of all active Garnier freebies, check out Garnier's offers page. To see if there are any active Garnier freebies on HIF, click here to search. The active samples will all be at the top of the page! Garnier still regularly gives freebies away as of 2020, so we rarely have to wait more than a month or two for new samples.

In 2019 alone, Garnier gave away:

  1. Free Garnier SkinActive Sheetmask
  2. Free Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Shampoo
  3. Free Garnier Recycling Bin
  4. Free Garnier Fructis Sleek Shot
  5. Free Garnier Fructis Liquid Style Pomade
  6. Free Garnier Whole Blends Ginger Recovery Leave-In Treatment
  7. Free Garnier Whole Blends Miracle Nectar Treatment

I think it's time we change the old Benjamin Franklin saying to “nothing can be said to be certain except death, taxes, and Garnier freebies.”

Here's a new signup form good for some free Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures shampoo. Finally, a shampoo I can eat!

Hey, don't look at me like that. Are you telling me you've never come home drunk and mistaken the bathroom for your kitchen? Come on, don't lie.

Not only can we sign up for free Garnier Whole Blends shampoo & conditioner, but the sample will come with a free $2 off coupon as well.

It's also made with oat milk and rice cream extracts, so you know what that means – in a pinch, it can pull double duty as a delicious snack!

Garnier is back with a new free Garnier Fructis liquid style pomade. Well ooh la la, Mr. Fancy Pants!

This free Garnier SkinActive sheetmask is great for many things. It will hydrate your face or refresh your skin with ease. However, it makes for a terrible sheet or mask.

I wrote my entire senior thesis on one of these, only to receive an F for “illegible scribbling.” Having flunked out of college, my only career alternative was a life of crime. I didn't make it two steps out of the bank before the cops arrested me. I still don't understand how they saw through my disguise, but I've got 15-30 years to ponder that mystery.

Target wants us to fight the good fight and use this free Garnier Fructis Fall Fight shampoo. I don't know what Fall ever did to us, but I guess we're at war now. If you need me, I'll be rounding up the cavalry. There aren't many horses where I live, but I did just start volunteering at an animal shelter and you should see some of the giant dogs there.

Their confirmation message said they'd email me if the freebie was delayed for some reason. Has anybody ever received one of those emails? What do they say? “Sorry for not sending you something for free fast enough. But can you seriously complain?”

Why does every facial product, including this free Garnier Ultra-Lift targeted line smoother, contain images of leaves? What is so great about leaves? I've yet to ever see somebody rub themselves up against a tree in my neighborhood. Well, that's a lie. I live in NYC and have seen plenty of crazy things, but I doubt any of those scenes involved somebody trying to improve their overall beauty.

I'm not sure how to feel about this free Garnier BB cream. You see, thanks to this old Mitch Hedberg joke (nsfw language), I'm staunchly anti-BB. I can't even count the number of candy bars I've lost because of this!

Target is offering free Garnier Ultra-Lift Targeted Line Smoother that will “intensely treats crow's feet, lines & wrinkles.” You hear that, Hiffers? It doesn't just treat lines and wrinkles, it does so intensely.

One little dap of this stuff and it gets straight to work, no monkeying around. Sure, your skin cells might want to have a chat with the freebie when you first apply it. Walk over, introduce themselves, get to know the new guy, the usual. But don't you worry, this freebie will instantly ignore them, put on its game face, and get started … stretching your face out? I'm not 100% on the actual mechanics of eliminating wrinkles.

Garnier is on a freaking roll. They're now offering free Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Clean & Fresh shampoo, making this the four thousandth freebie they've offered in the past month. We haven't seen a hot streak like this since the famed Colgate giveaway in nineteen aught seven!

Okay, whatever, I slept through every math and history class I ever took. Sue me. Actually, please don't. I slept through law school as well.

I wonder how much money Garnier paid in salary to the team that tacked a plus onto the end of their latest product: free Garnier Clean+. I would have gone with an ampersand or left parenthesis just to mess with people.

Free Eucerin Lotion, Samples, and Freebies

Eucerin Skincare Lotion Freebies

Eucerin has given samples away for years. In fact, they released six different freebies during our inaugural 2006 season! Sadly they're not longer a freebie stable, but we're all invited to “build a stronger first line of defense” with these free Eucerin lotion samples and coupons. Don't fall for it! A strong padlock, loud dog, and bazooka are all better defenses than body lotion. I don't see how squirting a burglar with body lotion would get him to flee. That is unless he broke in to steal your lotion!

Here are some samplings of freebies past.

Old HIF Jokes

This offer reminded me of how silly silent letters are. My last name starts with a silent E and it's pointless. Sure, they can be fun when convincing children that cat is spelled with four silent Qs, but beyond that, what's the point? Somebody should get to work on eliminating those.

Exactly how far can this free Eucerin lotion go in repairing dry skin? Sometimes you hear people refer to skin as leathery and long story short I scuffed up my leather jacket last winter and need to fix it.

Oh brother. In order to get a free Eucerin Daily Skin Balance lotion, you have to take the “Skin First Pledge” and put the health of your skin first! In other words, just like them and then fill out the form.

I hate empty, hollow pledges and promises that companies try to get people to make. It's like elementary school all over again. Tell ya what, let's all make a pledge never to make a vapid pledge to a company. Although that might go against my anti-pledge pledge and the more I say “pledge” the weirder it sounds. Pledge. Pledge. Am I even saying it correctly now?

Now this is how you do a freebie! Make it abundantly clear that the offer is for free Eucerin Daily Skin Balance lotion, put the signup form on the first page, and keep it short by only asking for my name and address. The only way this could be easier would be if the freebie was immediately delivered through your computer monitor. But that's just crazy talk. Everybody knows the government won't release insta-teleportation technology for another three decades.

Ahh…I think I've said too much.

The Eucerin Facebook page is asking people to take the Healthy Skin Pledge again in exchange for two free lotion samples. This is perfect for expressing my rebellious side. Since I'm too scared to break the law, I long ago resorted to breaking pointless promises.

You should have seen me in the 5th grade. My DARE officer ranted that medicine could be a drug, so I went to town that week and took an extra Flintstones vitamin every day. Just thinking it makes my heart race. I should get a leather jacket and motorcycle. Do they make training wheels for those?

I think I've broken more pledges in the name of freebies than in anything else in life. And that includes all the elementary school pledges that I was forced to sign. Facebook's free Eucerin Daily Protection moisturizing lotion wants me to “pledge to make skincare a priority for me, my family, and my friends.” Yeah, that's not gonna happen. I get enough crap from my friends. I'm not about to give them more ammo by calling out of the blue to inquire about their skin's moisture levels.

Free Kotex Samples

While these freebies aren't currently available, here's their free active coupons on Kotex's site. I've also included a few jokes from over the years, plus listed what used to be available just in case it comes back!

Truth Time: For years, I've always mentally interpreted the free U by Kotex sample packs as a University. As in the University of Kotex, where they were teaching women how to use tampons or something. I don't know, I never really gave it much thought. What do you expect from a single guy in his thirties?

But it wasn't until today that I typed the title above and suddenly went “ohhhh, U as in they make products just for you, no matter who you are!” I'm a slow learner.

Or … is it subliminal messaging … “you buy Kotex” … 🤔

These free U by Kotex samples got me wondering what my mail lady must think I do. One day I'm getting seemingly normal freebies for a single guy in his twenties and the next I'm getting Parents magazine and a box of Kotex items. Sure, I could try talking to her, but I still haven't found a smooth way of saying, “oh, by the way, I don't actually use all of those tampons!”

This freebie includes the following samples:

  • 1 U by Kotex CleanWear Regular Pad
  • 1 U by Kotex barely there Liner
  • 2 U by Kotex Click Regular Tampons

After reading everything I'll get via this free Kotex sample offer, I've come to one conclusion: I'm going to make a horrible husband. My future wife is going to need me to go buy her some feminine products one day and I promise you I'm going to mess it up. Thank goodness I'm not easily embarrassed or there would be no hope for me. I'll have an easier time trying to decipher the Rosetta Stone than I would successfully shopping for my significant other. I better hope she really likes my dimples or I'm screwed.

I don't know why but I found the free U by Kotex sample pack's confirmation message to be highly enjoyable – “the goods are on their way.” I don't know why we don't refer to freebies as “the goods” more often. Saying I was hunting for goods all day long sounds a lot better than “Oh, I spent a few hours looking for free tampons.”

Too bad there's nothing there which I can use. Unless those items with wings actually function as wings. I've always wanted to fly south for the winter!

Free Kotex First Period Kit

Freebies like this Kotex First Period Kit remind me of how horrible I'm going to be as a parent. I can only pray that when the inevitable birds & bees discussion arises, there will already be a Sesame Street episode that explains it all.

This freebie was a limited run in 2010. However, I've found a few Kotex coupons available on their site here.

Free Playtex Samples & Coupons

While we wait for the next free Playtex sample opportunity, here are their free coupons! And below you'll find some of our old Playtex jokes 🙂

This free Playtex Gentle Glide from Walmart should be just what I need to put the finishing touches on my homemade hang glider. I've been slowly building it ever since my first failed launching 15 years ago. I thought my childlike sense of wonder and imagination would be all I needed to soar off my roof. Gravity disagreed.

Here's a fun game for all of you bored at work. Head to Walmart's free Playtex Gentle Glide offer page and then quickly move your mouse back and forth over the two boxes of tampons. Hey, they're dancing! Look at them go! *cues up Salsa music in his head*

Yeah, I'm bored.

Okay, fine, I'm really bored.

Walmart has a new free Playtex Sport tampons offer up, but I'm not going anywhere near it. Why? Because of the ninja / witch in the ad! First she's kickboxing and then in a split second she's changed into an evening dress and is dancing? Believe you me, there's some type of sorcery going on here!

Free Love Fragrance

Free Perfume, Cologne, & Fragrance Samples

As you can see below, we've found a lot of free fragrance, perfume, and cologne samples over the years. The good news is they're still very frequently released, as of 2020!

While we wait for the next one, here are some classic jokes from the archives.

Oh man, I can't wait to get this free Love2Love fragrance and then smell my lover's philtrum!

I get that gardens are supposed to be associated with pleasant smells, but this free Gucci Flora Garden fragrance on Facebook reminds me of three things I hate: sneezing, bees, and sneezing bees. Those last ones are the worst. They lure you in with their cuteness and then BAM!

Here's a free Chanel LE BLANC four-piece sample kit. As if by magic! Quick, somebody get it to pull a quarter out from behind my ear. I need some cash for a bagel in the morning.

I never understand traditional advertising. The Facebook page for free Nine West Love Fury fragrance shows the perfume and … a shoe? I get that the bottle stopper kind of looks like a high heel, but is that implying the scent smells like feet? Because I can produce that fragrance all on my own, thank you very much.

I have to admit, I always wanted to look like James Bond. I thought it’d be cool to have as many gadgets as Bond or be as sexy as Bond. I even wanted to be as strong as Bond. But I can’t say I ever once wanted to smell like him. If I wanted to be around the aroma of gin and gunpowder, I would have visited my crazy Uncle Eddy more often. But to each his own!I have to admit, I always wanted to look like James Bond. I thought it’d be cool to have as many gadgets as Bond or be as sexy as Bond. I even wanted to be as strong as Bond. But I can’t say I ever once wanted to smell like him. If I wanted to be around the aroma of gin and gunpowder, I would have visited my crazy Uncle Eddy more often. But to each his own!

Finally, I'll own a single carat! 23 more of these freebies and I'll finally be able to afford a nice engagement ring for Future Mrs. Goob.

Head to Facebook for a free Viktor&Rolf fragrance sample. We get to choose between Flowerbomb Dew or Flowerbomb Classic.

Ah yes. Classic … flower bombs? Are these from some crazy cool Secret Garden that I've never heard of? To heck with a green thumb, I want the camo thumb with access to explosive plants.

Oooooh, look at this fancy free North Bondi Parfum. You know it's high class when the language morphs from English to French. As a matter of fact, I now want to be known as Ryan Goob $*@&. It'll be annoying saying “pardon my French” every time I'm introduced, but swear words are the only French I know.

I've got no idea how this stuff smells. It could truthfully smell like fish scales and then again, it might smell like mountain spring time or fresh lilies or some other brand of Lysol. But if you have the guts to get it and wear it around for a while, sign up for this free Boudreau perfume & cologne.

There are three different free Hugo Boss fragrances to choose from today. There's the one that smells good, the one that smells great, and the one that is a mixture of dog farts and rotten eggs. Good luck guessing which is which!

I hope this free Hugo Boss fragrance comes in a tiny vial because they always make me feel like a giant scientist. I once took that fantasy a bit too far and mixed all of my colognes together in an attempt to create a magic potion. Turns out the only magical property it had was repelling women.

I knew the Swiss made knives, chocolates, and banks that don't ask too many questions, but I had no idea they also produced free Victorinox Swiss Unlimited men's fragrance. Imagine if they'd found a way to combine all those into this freebie. It shaves your beard when you spray it on, tastes like chocolate, and the bottle can be deposited into your bank account once empty.

Scientists, get on it.

Everybody knows Swiss Army best for their watches and knives, but did you know they make perfume too? It's obvious why, as nothing is more threatening than a fragrant, punctual solider. So if you enjoy trying new scents, request a free sample card of either Victoria Eau de or Forest Eau de toilette sprays.*

*Now with 50% less toilet sprays!

This free Selena Gomez fragrance got me wondering – how famous do you have to be in order to get your own perfume? Because after looking Ms. Gomez up (I'm rather happy to admit I didn't know who she was), I think it's time to shore up my references and credentials. I mean, who wouldn't want to smell like a work-from-home blogger who desperately needs to clean his desk and do a few loads of laundry?

As a resident of New York City, I can promise that you wouldn't want to come within a mile of this free DKNY fragrance if it truly smelled like NYC. I understand people enjoy different aromas, but I've yet to meet anybody who loves the scent of hot garbage and what I really, really hope is dog poop.

This free Joy by Dior fragrance has a lot of fancy buzzwords in its description. Vibrant smile of flowers. Smooth caress of woods. A fragrance facetted with a thousand nuances.

Let me try a crack at it.

This spray thingy smells good.

Ahhh, much better!

Am I the only one who feels fancy whenever asked for my salutation? The only time I come across that word is when requesting freebies like this free Gucci Guilty fragrance and watching Downton Abbey.

I have no idea who David or what a Yurman is, but we're all welcome to ask for a free David Yurman fragrance sample. I'm guessing it smells like yogurt from Yemen.

You get to choose between the Code and the Sport Code when signing up for your free Giorgio Armani Beauty fragrance. What's the difference? Um… One has the word Sport in the name and the other doesn't.

The only prerequisite for free Burberry Brit Rhythm fragrance is joining “The Guest List,” so I'm assuming this sample is our key to all the cool parties in town. Only problem I can foresee is we won't know where the parties are exactly located. That's why I plan on spraying this freebie in the face of every bouncer I see until one of them shows me the way.

I found this free Folle de Joie fragrance offer while gaming with my friends this afternoon. I stared calling it “Folly de Jolly” and now it's been 5 hours of us saying that nonstop.

I love my job.

You can get free Armani Code cologne. You know what they say though – loose lips sink ships. So don't sign up for this unless you can keep the Code under wraps. Otherwise HIF's enemies will … know we smell good? On second thought, I guess that's not such a bad thing.

As a frequent sufferer of writer's block and someone who's constantly searching for his muse, I can speak with authority when I say filling a room with free Estee Lauder Modern Muse perfumewill make people pass out before it inspires them. Unless it inspires them to run away from you. If that's your goal, then job well done!

free always infinity sample

Free Always Infinity Pads

The free Always Infinity Pads were given away 9 times from 2006-2012, with the bulk of activity coming during 08-09. Aside from popping up once in 2015, I haven't seen these in recent years. As always, if that changes, this will be the first place I update! Until then, here's their free coupons and offers page.

Walmart gave away some of these free Always Infinity pads a few months back, but this is a new link so it should allow you to sign up for a second freebie. I've sat here for ten minutes trying to think of something witty, but I can't focus since my dogs have been barking the entire time. Either they feel threatened by the rustling trees outside or this is the first stage in the inevitable coup d'état I know they're planning.

These free Always Infinity samples from Walmart don't actually always last for infinity, do they? If so, that's a pretty poor business model. I can only imagine the corporate meeting a year from now when the head of sales is explaining to his bosses that they've already sold a product to every consumer in America. He'll probably have a chart behind him with a comically giant red arrow pointing straight down and they'll all think they're doomed.

Then I'll come in and point out that their brand name doesn't have to be taken literally. I'll then grab the chart, flip it around so that the arrow is pointing straight up, and the boardroom will cheer.

The moral of this story is I've always wanted to flip a chart around like they do in the cartoons.

Yeah, yeah, free Always Infinity pads, now let's get to the heart of the matter because I have so many questions from the image above.

  1. How does a pad win a Product of the Year award? Somebody call Putin, I've seen a rigged election before.
  2. Which innovations were added to the pads? Bluetooth?
  3. What products did it beat out?
  4. Who voted for pads?!

I must know.

I almost missed it. I came this close to hitting Publish before casually glancing once last time at the free Always Discreet pads page. That's when it jumped out at me. I have no Earthly idea what I'll find on the other side let alone why it exists, but it's an absolute certainty that I'll call the toll-free “NEED LIVE HELP?!” number on their site. I need live help explaining why they provide live help!

I spent five minutes trying to click the bubbles on this free Always Clean pads site before I realized you couldn't interact with them. This is a prime example of why I never try to trick my cat with a flashlight or laser pointer. It's almost a certainty that she'd figure out a way to flip the tables on me and have me running around the house chasing her ball of yarn.

Free Aveeno Nourish+ Shampoo

2021 Update: Sadly, while this sample was once a stable in the freebie world, it's since expired. I've collected a few of my favorite jokes I wrote about the free Aveeno Nourish+ shampoo offer from the Freebie Golden Years!

When filling out the form for this free Aveeno shampoo, question 3 asks which of the following types of shampoo you'd like: Moisturize, Revitalize, Volumize, or Sooth. I don't even remotely know which answer I want, which makes me feel like it's one of those trick questions my girlfriend always asks me. Unfortunately, I can't use my trusty Emergency Escape Method here, which is to pretend my shoe is a phone and the President is calling.

In completely unrelated news, my couch doubles as a fantastically comfortable bed!

This is the third free Aveeno Nourish+ shampoo offer to pop up in the last three weeks. I'm not sure which road to take here. On the one hand I could make the “how malnourished is America's hair?” joke. On the other hand I could ask Aveeno if they realize they need to try and sell some of the product instead of just giving it all away. Ugh, this is too hard of a decision, I'm just gonna go take a nap.

I honestly have no idea what people are talking about when they say running this site is easy.

I really wish my mind didn't wander so frequently and make random associations. Take this new free Aveeno Nourish+ shampoo link. Every time I hear their name, I think of vino and long story short, I've been drinking wine since I got up this morning. Let's go streaking!

I know a lot of freebies have been quickly dying recently, but at the same time there are samples like this free Aveeno Nourish+ shampoo that are still kicking. Well, not literally. I'd be quite worried if my shampoo had legs.

You need to scroll down to the green “free sample” button then…well, you should know what to do after that. I can't hold your hand forever! We've been doing this for almost seven years now. I have faith in you!

There have been an unusually high number of limited freebies this week, so it's time we drop in on a few of our tried and true freebies. First up, the ol' free Aveeno Nourish+ shampoo. The plus stands for “plus we're gonna throw in a random mathematical symbol for no apparent reason to drive those of you with OCD a little insane.” Wasn't that nice of them?