Free Panera Bread Bagels All Month

Possible Free Panera Bagels or Coffee All Month

MyPanera Rewards members (not to be confused with YourPanera or OurPanera) have the chance to be offered a free bagel or a free coffee every day for the month of January! Simply log into your account each day to see if a freebie is listed in your rewards or you can check your email for a daily notice from Panera.

If you receive either of these, take your Panera card into the store that day and you'll get a free bagel (without any spread.) Who gets the freebie is randomized each day, so make sure to check your account / email every day this month.

If you dig this offer, you'll probably enjoy Panera's birthday freebie offer too!

Free Emergen-C Drink Mix

Free Emergen-C Drink Mix

This classic freebie has been around since 2008. It frequently swaps between a free sample and a $2 off coupon.

Every year I tell my brothers these free Emergen-C vitamin drink “supplements” are bull. Yet they always end up in our supply bag whenever we go camping and every morning I end up drinking one.

They taste ridiculous, I swear to everyone within earshot they don't work, and yet I drink one every single morning. It's like a ritual at this point.

For the record, I almost went with a “but what if it's an emergency and I need my Emergen-C now!” joke, but then realized that was horrible. Don't worry, I punched myself in the arms as punishment. They should have stopped me from even typing it!

For this 2019 version, we get a sample of their new Emergen-C Protein Fuel & Superfoods.

Free Taco John's Beef Tacos

Free Taco John’s Beef Taco

In addition to triggering the Taco John birthday freebie, you can get a free crispy or soft shell beef taco. Simply download their free app and make a free account, then your coupon should appear under “Promo Code.”

Make sure you also enter your birthday under “Profile” in order to get your free dessert each year!

Taco John's Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free Mexican donut bites
Today's Freebie Free crispy or softshell beef taco
  • Dessert
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Free Bruegger's Bagels

Free Bruegger’s Bagel

Join their newsletter and you'll immediately receive a coupon for a free Bruegger's bagel with cream cheese via e-mail. Signup up for this will also trigger their free birthday bagel during your special month each year!

Quick question though: do people usually put that much cream cheese on their bagels? That sucker looks like a burger.

🎂 By creating an account, you also trigger the free offer!

Bruegger's Bagels Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free bagel with cream cheese with any purchase
  • Breakfast
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Free Schlotzsky’s Sandwich

Schlotzsky's Insider Rewards members get a free small classic sandwich simply for making a free account! You can signup online or via their iTunes and Google Play apps (all links are below), then head to your local Schlotzsky's for your freebie.

Hopefully these sandwiches are a little easier on the mouth than Schlotzsky's.

🎂 By creating an account, you also trigger the free Schlotzsky's birthday freebie offer!

Schlotzsky's Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free small sandwich when you spend $1
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
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Free Jack in the Box Jumbo Burger

Free Jack in the Box Burger w/ Drink Purchase

Jack in the Box is offering a free Jumbo Jack burger with the purchase of a large drink coupon. Here's how to get this freebie, but read below for a way to get straight to the coupon 😎

  • Join Jack in the Box Offers with a phone number or email. I used my free Google Voice number so as not to spam my phone.
  • Respond to the first text with YES.
  • Click the coupon link they text you.

Coupon offer expires 11/30/19. That's way nicer than previous Jack in the Box freebies, which had a 48-hour window on them.

This link right here goes straight to the coupon AND it doesn't look to be a unique link or coupon code. Sooooo, you should be able to just pull this up on your phone at time of checkout.

Signing up for this freebie registers you for the Jack in the Box birthday freebie!

Free Pilot J Drink

Free Pilot Flying J Drinks ALL September

Each day during the month of September, Pilot Flying J is giving away a free drink! All you need to do is check their app (Android or Apple) each day to see what freebie is offered. Today I was offered a free large fountain drink and I can already see tomorrow's offer is a free 28 oz. Gatorade!

Now where do I park my plane while running inside to get my freebie each day?

Free Smoothie National Smoothie Day Planet Smoothie

Free Smoothie at Planet Smoothie on June 21

In celebration of National Smoothie Day, we get a free 16oz Mediterranean Monster smoothie at our local Planet Smoothie on Friday, June 21, 2019 from 2-4pm.

This actually brings me to an important question. I faced it recently while redoing our huge free birthday stuff list. Is a smoothie a dessert or a beverage? Same for a milkshake? I went with a smoothie as a beverage with a milkshake as a dessert. I've already had two people write in complaining though, one saying a smoothie should be an entree! I mean…I guess they have a point? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Man, it's tough being a freebie hunter. College did not prepare me for this! I need a 13th century primary source manuscript to pore over for answers. 😁

Free Haagen-Dazs Cone Day

Free Haagen-Dazs Cone Day 2024

I scream, you scream, we all scream AHH, IS THAT A SNAKE!?

Oh, no, it's just the next free Haagen-Dazs cone day, where we get a free mini cone. That's way better than a snake.

The next free ice cream event occur will hopefully occur in May 2024, with exact dates to come. I bet you didn't know about it already, did you? You did? Well, either somebody already told you or you're a mind-reader. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, YOU WARLOCK!

Don't worry, I've already set this post to republish closer to this freebie event.

Their store locator even shows you the spots that participate in this event! Simply search your area, then click “Get Shop Info” to your local spots. If they participate, “Free Cone Day” will be listed under Additional Shop Details.

Free Arby’s Signature Sandwich with ANY Soft Drink Purchase

If you join Arby's email list, you'll get a coupon for a free signature sandwich with any soft drink purchase. So buy a small drink and you'll get a free sandwich. Make weird bird noises at the people sitting next to you, causing them to leave before finishing their fries, and you've practically got a free meal!

Don't let the title fool you either. No Arby's employee will sign their John Hancock on your sandwich without your explicit request. That'd be weird.

The free sandwich coupon expires 7 days after you sign up.

Joining their email list will also get you the Arby's birthday freebie! As of 2018, it was still a free small shake with any other purchase. I sometimes forget whether or not I've posted this offer (turns out I have!) Some might say I'm forgetful. To them I'd say … wait, what are we talking about again? Who the heck are you? WHERE AM I?!?!

Three Free Bruegger's Bagels

Three Free Bruegger’s Bagels on Jan. 31

It's time for a delicious annual freebie! We've grown to expect an awesome freebie from Bruegger's in celebration of their birthday, but it's a tough act to follow. Year in and year out, my February 7th birthday always comes right after Bruegger's. I don't get it! Even on leap years.

Like clockwork, my friends will come over, we'll hang out, and before long people are asking where their three free Bruegger's bagels are. I think it's time I get some friends who don't know what my day job is.

In order to get your 3 free bagels, sign up in advance and you'll receive a coupon valid from open until 11am on 1/31/19. You can then print the coupon or present it in-store on your mobile phone and you'll snag some free bagels.

It's also worth pointing out Brugger's offers a great birthday freebie as well.

Free Snickers Bar

Free Snickers Bar

Facebook must have released some sort of new promotional chat system, because Snickers is now the second company using it this month to give away free Snickers candy bars!

In order to get yours, head over to this photo and click on the first “learn more” link. I had to come back and click the link a second time, but either way it should trigger an automatic conversation with a robot (which sounds like half of my first dates lately…) where the end result is you possibly scoring a coupon good for a free Snickers!

You'll get to pick from either a snail mail or printable coupon, which is way better than waiting 6 to 8 weeks for a melted Snickers to show up in your mailbox. True story. All my OG Hiffers out there can remember the early years of freebies!