Free Disposable Face Masks

Big Lots: 5 Free Face Masks

If you're running low on disposable face masks, then swing by Big Lots this weekend. Big Lots Rewards members, which you can join for free, automatically have an offer in their account good for 5 free disposable face masks. The coupon for the freebie is automatically loaded onto your account and will apply at checkout. Just show your rewards card to a cashier at your local store and you should get the freebie, according to Big Lots.

Offer only lasts through Sunday, October 18.

As luck would have it, Big Lots also offers a “birthday surprise” to their Rewards members! I love when I find something new to add to our birthday freebies database.

Free Hope Postcard

Free Hope Postcard

Free Hope Postcard

The pandemic has been hard on the mental health for millions of Americans. It can be easy to feel isolated and alone, especially during quarantine and social distancing. That's why the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is giving away free Hope postcards to remind people close to you that you're thinking about them.

There are four different colors to choose from. I hope this freebie helps bring a smile to somebody's face!

Free McDonald's Meal Pandemic

Pandemic: Free McDonald’s Meal

Starting today and running through May 5, first responders and healthcare workers can get a free McDonald's meal each day. Breakfast meal includes Egg McMuffin, Chicken McGriddles, or Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, plus Hash Browns and any size soft drink, tea or hot brewed coffee.

Lunch/dinner meal includes Double Cheeseburger, 6 Piece McNuggets, or Filet-O-Fish, plus small fries and any size soft drink, tea or hot brewed coffee.

Make sure to bring valid ID for this freebie!

Free Checkers & Rally's Meal Program

Pandemic: Free Checkers & Rally’s Meal

Free Checkers & Rally's Meal Program

For health care workers and first responders, Checkers & Rally's are offering a free meal program. Simply wear your uniform to any of their 250+ restaurants and pick your free meal.

Since it's been a few months since this promo was announced, you might want to call ahead and make sure your local spot is actively running the promo.

Workers will be able to choose from the following entrees. Each come with a small fries and drink.

  • Baconzilla
  • BBQ Bacon Roadhouse
  • Big Buford
  • Cheese Champ
  • Chili Dog
  • Classic Wings Combo (5 pieces)
  • Half-Pound Chicken Bites
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  • Deep Sea Double

Deep Sea Double sounds like the name of something stupid my high school friends and I would have invented.

Free Bojangles Icea Tea Healthcare Workers

Healthcare Workers: Free Bojangles Iced Tea

Free Bojangles Icea Tea Healthcare Workers

Through June 10, 2020, healthcare workers, first responders, and law enforcement can get a free Bojangles iced tea with no purchase necessary. All you'll need is your credentials to receive this daily freebie at your local Bojangles.

I cognitively understand that credentials = work ID. Yet my brain won't stop picturing somebody requesting a free drink by bringing in their college degree, resume, and 3-5 professional references.

Free Ear Savers for Healthcare Pandemic Workers

Free Ear Savers for Front Line Pandemic Workers

Free Ear Savers for Healthcare Pandemic Workers

If you're a worker on the front lines during the pandemic, then you can get free ear savers from Glowforge. These are 3D printed devices for wearing masks while working, instead of looping them around chaffed ears.

These aren't just for healthcare workers either! They have enough to ship to all type of front line workers who need to interact with the public or spend time outside.

Anyone wearing a mask to keep us all safe can request them. Nurses, retail workers, delivery workers, doctors, sanitation workers – we'll do our best to get them to you as soon as we can.

Since none of these apply to me, I didn't actually sign up for this freebie. Please let me know if the signup form stops working. And thank you to everybody out there working!

Free White Castle Combo Meal

Healthcare Workers: Free White Castle Meal Every Day

Free White Castle Combo Healthcare Workers

Throughout the month of April, all healthcare workers and EMTs can get a free Combo Meal (1-6) or Breakfast Combo.

Workers can go through the drive-thru and only need bring their work ID. This freebie is available once per day as well, so people can redeem this offer multiple times!

The press release also says you can use this coupon, but it's not necessary. It seems designed for employees who don't know the official freebie policy.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have some important studying to get back to. My Armchair Epidemiologist degree doesn't come easy!

Free Liquid IV for Healtcare Workers

Healthcare Workers: Free Liquid I.V.

Free Liquid IV for Healtcare Workers

For the remainder of our global covid-19 pandemic, all healthcare-only freebies will start with “Healthcare Workers:”

Healthcare workers and first responders can request some free Liquid I.V. You'll need to upload an image of your medical or first responder badge in order to qualify for this sample. If you are not a medical worker or first responder, please do not request this freebie.

Now, let's all watch a British broadcaster narrate his dogs eating dinner.