Free Sling TV

Free Sling TV Access

For this weekend only, February 11 & 12, you can get free access to Sling TV with no credit card required! This will let you watch the mid-season premier of The Walking Dead on Sunday, along with anything on 30+ channels, from ESPN to CNN to HGTV.

The free preview starts at 9am ET on Saturday, Feb. 11, and ends at 3am ET on Feb. 13. To take part, head to Sling's free preview page and create an account / login.

This freebie was previously offered last November. Any Hiffers partake in it then? If so, how'd you like it?!

Free Diplomatic History Videos

Free Diplomatic History Videos

The U.S. State Department and Government Archives is giving away free Diplomatic History videos and that sound you just heard was me screaming in excitement. Folks, I'm a history and international relations nerd, there's just no way to hide it. I'm on vacation and what am I reading for pleasure? The Guns of August, a 550 page tome about the events leading up to and the first month of World War I. You know, just a little light reading about death and destruction.

In fact, it's the type of books I read to my siblings for bedtime stories. I'm starting to understand why they have so many nightmares now…