$5 Signup Bonus for Checkout 51

Checkout 51 Free Bonus

Checkout 51 is currently offering a limited time bonus offer to new members! They have a special signup $5 bonus offer for new users. Here's how to get it.

  1. Signup with Checkout 51
  2. Redeem your first cash-back offer and earn a $2 bonus instantly!
  3. Receive an additional $1 bonus for each of your next 3 offers redeemed!

All in all, you get $5 for free just for requesting cash-back on items you already buy at the store.

New to Checkout 51?

I post Ibotta's any brand offers, which are awesome, but one thing that Ibotta doesn't have is any grocery store chains in New York City. It's kinda crazy.

However, Checkout 51 has all of my local, regional grocery stores as well as all the big, national grocers, drugstores, and retailers.

I also find they have more high-value coupons than other digital rebate apps. It's not uncommon to find $1.50/1 coupons that you can use twice, making for great deals on top of your normal local deals and coupons.

I literally went to the grocery store with a shopping list on a Post-It note and used Checkout 51. Despite the small list, I was able to find 3 coupons to use and redeem. The money is already in my account!

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