CVS: Two Free 5×7 Photo Prints

CVS is back with another great two free 5×7 photo prints freebie!

Use code SPECIAL2 at checkout and select in-store pickup, giving you two completely free photo prints, a $5.98 value. Just make sure you remember to pick it up today. Or, if you're like me, tomorrow. Maybe the day after, who knows when I'll get around to it.

This coupon is valid through 4/13/21 only.

If you are having trouble getting this freebie via the CVS mobile app, I suggest using a computer instead!

I used my free print to get a nice photo that says “stop reading this and do your work.” I can't wait to hang it above my desk and promptly ignore it!

19 comments on “CVS: Two Free 5×7 Photo Prints”

  1. Hi, The link sends me to the prints page. I tried it for an 8 x 10 photo print for $3.99 but the code doesn’t apply so I searched under photo cards but there is not an 8 x 10 option.

  2. Hi, the code isn’t working for me. I went through safari, not the app. Also, it says that it’s $3.99 not $2.99. I’m wayyyy off

  3. 7/31/2020 – What a fiasco trying to get this thru the CVS app. I see no place to put the code in before pressing the check out button. Ended up purchasing the the 8 x 10 after spending nearly 1/2 hour on the phone, at 1-800-SHOP CVS, since employee at store said they can do nothing and that’s the number I’d have to call. Went to pick up the 8 x 10 and the person there was willing to put in the code manually if I could produce it in order for her to see it. I showed her the code on Hey It’s Free but she would not accept it as a legitimate code (said she thought I would produce the code from an e-mail from CVS) and a blow to Goob: she said she never heard of the website. Lesson learned – do this through not through their app.

  4. Thanks for posting these photo deals. I used to just pass them by but started taking advantage of the offer last year and now I get a nice gift for someone when I put the free pic in a frame. I also do family tree research and have copied and printed some really old photos.

  5. This doesn’t seem to be working. Says ‘VALENTINE” is not a valid code. I did it on a desktop at 2/12/19 9:12 am EST Thanks anyway Goob

  6. I haven’t used this deal (although I do claim all of the 8×10 offers you post) and this one gives me an error.

    “VALENTINE : You have exceeded the number of times this promotion code may be used. Please check the details of the offer.”

    I imagine I may have used it last year if they offered the same and it will not allow me to use it this year. Just a heads up :/

  7. Goob, thank you for posting this. But the app keeps freezing, won’t let me upload the photo or enter the promo code. Is that happening to anyone else?

    PS – I love this blog, it’s so positive and I appreciate it so much!

    • Hey Gia, are you using the mobile app or a desktop computer? I’ve seen people reporting trouble getting this to work via a mobile app.


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