Dear Freebie Gods

Have I offended you? Was it something I said? Ok….I'm sorry. I'll be honest with you, I don't know what it was I did, but I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. What with trying to find freebies, think of something interesting about them, my other websites, my job, the family, the dog, taxes, the heat wave, losing my socks, global strife, cell phone reception, The Mariners sucking, my pillows having stupid feathers in them so that I can't sleep…it's just too much sometimes and I simply hope that whatever it was that I did, well, can you see it in your hearts to forgive me? Because it's been 36 hours and my freebie addiction is really starting to kick in now. I NEED SOME FREE TOOTHPASTE SAMPLES OR SOMETHING!

Sorry. Didn't mean to yell, not to you at least. And I'd take whatever freebie you felt like blessing us with. Just toss me a bone here, I'm beggin' ya.

9 comments on “Dear Freebie Gods”

  1. Went in anyway. Definitely not missing out of a thing. What a mess of a site. Hey, It’s free will always be number 1 in my heart. πŸ˜›

  2. Gabe, I think she was talking about the website she linked to. Yeah, Killerfreebies is okay, but their design is a bit hard on the eyes and they have a few too many non-legit freebies for my taste.

    And yes, I own both and .net. I owned the net version first, which is where I had the site, and only picked up the .com version later, which is why it directs here.

  3. Ahhhh the agony of defeat. My prayers are with you. Hang in there something free will come along. We are all waiting with you and hoping for the best. Life will get better I promise please dont do anything DRASTIC! Its not worth taking your life over Goob!!!! I mean, well, unless it gets to be a week and no freebies then well do what ya gotta do!




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