My Favorite Publisher Toolkit Feature? The Daily Deal Emails!

If you're an affiliate marketer or website owner using FMTC's Publisher Toolkit, it's important to make sure you haven't overlooked any of their great perks. One of my favorite features is hands down their daily deal emails for your selected favorite merchants.

Once subscribed, start by selecting your favorite merchants in the Program Directory. This is easily done by “starring” the merchant in the search results.

FMTC Starred Favorite Merchants

I personally go with a mix of merchants whose specific deals I want to watch for along with new merchants I'm considering promoting.

Then go to your account page and make sure that you've selected to receive new daily deal emails.

FMTC Daily Emails Option

Concise Daily Deal Emails

And just like that, you'll now get a plain, simple daily email roundup of deals from your favorite merchants! I find these concise emails to be a perfect “at a glance” tool to make sure I don't miss any great deals for HIF.

I specifically mean “plain” and “simple” in 100% positive ways too. I think anybody who does affiliate marketing will agree with me that 99.99% of merchant emails are … let's just say “aggressive.” A mercahnt's typically daily emails will contain a lot of “LOOK AT THESE DEALS, AREN'T THEY GREAT??!!” type of graphics and pitches. They're annoying, but for a lot of merchants they're necessary to stay on top of current promotions and deals.

FMTC's emails are blissfully the exact opposite. They're plain, they're neatly formatted, and they're straight to the freaking point. Look at these!

FMTC Daily Deal Emails

You've got everything you need without any fluff along with direct links to each merchant's deals. What more could you ask for?

I usually end up passing on most of these deals and promos for HIF since I'm only looking for nearly-free items, but that's the thing. I actually look and read those deal emails! On the flip side, I routinely skip and delete most other merchant emails.

Browse Favorite Merchant Deals

You can also use the Favorites feature to your advantage when using the “Deal Bank” section.

Select the “Favorite Merchants” from the filter option, then scroll down to see the latest coupon codes and deals FMTC has entered into their database.

FMTC Browse Deal Bank

This is such a helpful aggregate tool! I have it bookmarked and visit the page once or twice a day. It's often how I find the frequent Walgreens free photo codes!

Website owners and affiliate marketers using the Publisher Toolkit can really take advantage of their subscriptions with these two simple yet powerful features!

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