Free 5 Hour Energy

Everybody raise their hands if they hate those stupid 5 Hour Energy commercials? For the record, I'm now typing the rest of this post with my nose because both of my hands are as close to the ceiling as possible. This is actually taking forever to type, I'm getting a little tired. I could go for some free 5 Hour Energy as a matter of fact. Mmmm, irony tastes delicious!

I'll be peeved if this freebies doesn't arrive at our doorstep in the next five hours too. That's how it works, right? Because I'm really dragging today. I even tried eating raw coffee grinds in order to get the caffeine in my system faster, but my body seems to have rejected it.

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  1. ummm, i went to their site and this is what i got—“To receive your FREE sample of 5-Hour Energy you must enter the valid Pro ID# of the fitness professional who referred you to Team 5-Hour. Find this on your free sample voucher. Registrants without a valid Pro ID# will still be eligible to win the Team 5-Hour grand prize and weekly prizes.”—
    so uh, i guess we cant get it without that number, but i went ahead and signed up anyway cause even without it you still get entered into the contest they have.


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