Free AgSafe Pond-Pearls Plant Food

Free AgSafe Pond-Pearls Plant Food

If you have any pond plants, such as waterlilies, then sign up for a sample of free AgSafe Pond-Pearls plant food. This freebie contains 2 tablespoons of feed good for two 1-2 gallon size pots of pond plants. This freebie releases nitrogen for lush plant growth followed by steady release of phosphate and potassium for strong blooming.

Man, I could go for some lush nitrogen right about now.

This is one of those smaller freebies that won't come if we all request it. But I figured not many Hiffers have waterlilies in their home, so it might be worthwhile for those who do!

The sites says to allow 5-7 days for shipping via USPS. Thanks to Louis DeJoy's shenanigans, let's bump that expected arrival up to 15-17 days.

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