Free Airborne Samples

Free Airborne Sample

I like how the mascot for these four free Airborne samples is called โ€œAirborne Guy.โ€ I wonder how much money the marketing team earned for that coup.

As of 2020, the only way to get any Airborne Supplement freebies is to join the free Schiff Rewards program. This is run by Airborne's parent company and they sent out unique coupons to members.

You can get four free Airborne samples. I don't have 6 to 8 weeks to wait on my samples to arrive as I'm about to take an 8 hour flight. I'm banking on this stuff working immediately through some sort of magic or dark science.

Walmart is also giving away four free Airborne samples. Coupled with the four previous freebies coming our way, that makes … *squints eyes, pulls out calculator and protractor, and rummages around for graphing paper* … let's see. Ummmm *loads Google, somehow ends up on YouTube, finds cat videos*

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  1. That’s a long flight, hope you’re going somewhere fun!ย  I have an 8-hour trip to make by car this weekend, ugh!ย  Although the destination will be great….I’m doing a rim to rim to rim hike of the Grand Canyon!


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