Free Atkins Quick-Start Kit

Today's free Atkins quick-start kit contains a free $5 coupon, some informative brochures, a BOGO coupon, and possibly pizza or chocolate to snack on? Or maybe you're supposed to eat the brochures? I'm not clear on the specifics plus it all tastes the same to me.

Depending on availability, some starter kits ship with three free Atkins bars as well! It's kinda random when they're offered, but they tend to be near the winter holidays and then once randomly throughout the year.

8 comments on “Free Atkins Quick-Start Kit”

  1. They used to mail out a kit with booklet, coupons, bars, etc. Now it’s a download for the booklet and print out a coupon for a BOGO for the bars. πŸ™

  2. I got a box of these and they were really good. I highly recomend getting a box, not to mention I got a really neat Atkins calorie counter booklet. along with the bars.

  3. I got mine yesterday and it is actually a great starter pack. It had 3 bars in it, a carb counter book and another booklet that helps you identify what to eat and not eat when you are trying drop those dastardly pounds.


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