Free Attends Adult Underwear

Free Attends Adult Overnight Underwear

Holy moly, this freebie from August 2010 has discovered its inner zombie and come back to life!

I hate not knowing a word and resorting to to make me feel less dumb. Take the slogan for these free Attends adult underwear. “The smart choice in incontinence care.” What in the world does “smart” or “in” even mean?

5 comments on “Free Attends Adult Underwear”

  1. I have recently started needing adult incontinence pull-ups. I have a weak bladder and IBS. Thank you for sending me a sample.

  2. I need adult diapers BC I am incontinent and aso take seizures so I don’t have a bladder is it possible to get a samples?

  3. Did anybody else look at the “shaped pads” (or whatever) and notice that they are listed as being between 24″ and 33″ long? Jesus, I hate to see what’s going on downstairs for whomever needs all of that.

    Anyways, I like to order these freebies when they come up. Not because I’m incontinent, I just am very lazy.


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