Free Better Homes & Gardens Magazine Subscription

Whoa, it's been a few years since I found a free Better Homes & Garden magazine subscription! I call bologna on this offer though. No matter how many issues I throw an old issue against the wall, they never seem to better my home. In fact, they make it look like I just throw trash everywhere. And when's the garden supposed to start growing out of them?!

Make sure you skip all the non-magazine offers after submitting your mailing address. You can close the browser once you reach this page.

22 comments on “Free Better Homes & Gardens Magazine Subscription”

  1. Paisley, Right now I am receiving, Style, Businessweek, Newsweek, Redbook, Forbes and Martha Stewart Living all thanks to Goob and HIF.

  2. has anyone ever actually got the magazines from these offers? I feel like I’ve signed up for at least 10 of them in the past years and I’ve never recieved a single one. just wondering…

  3. @Tori – Just make a yahoo email for free stuff. If the send junk it’ll be there it’s not like you have to read it, just occasionally delete it.

    I skipped the crap and got it for my Mom.

  4. Thanks, Goob–
    My existing subscription, which I got with My Coke Rewards, had expired.
    AND, I only had to skip through two crap offers!

    You’re a peach!

  5. Thank you! I ws able to get this, I signed my Grandmother up, she loves magazines and cant afford them so this will be a real treat for her.


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