Free Biore Samples

Free Biore samples, like their Pore Minimizing Collection and Pore Strips, were once a staple in the freebie world. These products are centered around good skin care, something I know little about. My extent of “skin care knowledge” only goes so far to include “don't pour acid on your skin.” Actually, I didn't even know that until 10th grade chemistry, when I pulled what I thought would be a hilarious practical joke on little Timmy who sat next to me. The poor guy never stood a chance…

You used to get samples based on free Biore points. 150 Biore points equal roughly a nickel, depending on the strength of the yen. It was a complicated system.

Now a days, we don't see these samples that often.

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  1. hhahah, hey its free doesn’t decide who gets them, you just fill out the form, and they send it. I’ve gotten quite a few samples and coupons. It’s amazing.

  2. i sure need to try something to help my skin i am 64 and still have problem skin ive tried other products and no luck so far ,so please send me some samples to try

  3. Due to my resent back injury and being single with 2 kids. I really need to budget, since I am now of work. Money is very tight. So I would appreciate the samples that you can send me. Thank You
    Tanya Nicholson
    [email protected]


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