Free Boost Energy Powder

I have a feeling this signup form for free Boost energy powder from XP Sports won't last too long. Sign up while it lasts and you should get a sample of each of their flavors in 6-8 weeks.

So what is this stuff? I'll let the XP marketing team take over for a minute.

We understand that gamers and esports athletes have unique performance needs to be at their best in competition. Needs that a watered-down pre-workout or crash-inducing caffeine drink are not delivering.

Select. Start. Dominate. XP Sports Boost delivers a unique combination of scientifically studied ingredients with a formulation that supports mental energy, performance, and improved reaction timeβ€”as well as a key ingredient to support the health of your eyes.

So it's basically caffeine powder for gamers. Didn't they already have Mountain Dew?

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