Free Candle Samples

Tracy from Candle Samples has graciously offered to give away free candle samples to anybody who wants one. I just hope they don't smell like food, because every time I get a chocolate or vanilla scented candle and burn it, I get hungry and eat everything I can get my hands on.

Including the candle wax once…that wasn't a pretty sight…

64 comments on “Free Candle Samples”

  1. My wife keeps going on about these yankee candles but has never had one yet. I have never smelt the odours of them yet. Maybe you should do some sort of scratch and sniff like Avon do in their booklets. I would love my wife to have one and its birthday soon. pleeeease

  2. LOVE CANDLES.  Just got some from Yankee candle   but prices are out of site I burn candles everyday  spending to

  3. I would love some free candle samples i love sprucing up the place romantically or just for fun with scented candles and beautiful candle holders 🙂


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