Free Classical Music from Amazon

If you're a fan of good music, then be sure to check out Amazon's free classical song database. They have over 6,000 free classical music songs available to download.

I used to get bored listening to classical music as a kid, but my tune changed once I created a game where I got one point for each movie or TV show I could think of that used whatever song I was listening to. Between this and my favorite streaming radio station, I haven't heard the same song in years!

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11 comments on “Free Classical Music from Amazon”

  1. my son and I listen to a lot of classical music. He is a special needs child and an evaluator once told us that classical music, especially when it played by violins, can help right brain/left brain coordinations, and help to improve my son’s speech!!

  2. If you are reading these comments, don’t go through with whatever instructions you’ve received to download a “free” album. It just charged me 8 bucks. . . seriously can’t believe I just fell for that.

  3. i followed your directions and you have to buy the classical music with the amazon download as well. all i got was some free music that is not classical.

  4. Just wanted to says thanks for such a great find. Love the free classical album, and checked the rest of the free mp3 songs, too!
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Each song individually is $.99. However, if you look near the top right, there’s a button that says Get MP3 Album and it lets you download everything at once. Over on the left, you’ll see that the album price is free.


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