Free Complete Adventures of Pan Books

Apple is giving away The Complete Adventures of Pan Books 1-7 for free on iTunes right now. This freebie contains the complete series of stories about the adventures of Pan, aimed at children aged 4 and up.

So what's the story about? Surprisingly, not cooking ware!

When Pandora discovers sheโ€™s not the orphan her grandfather told her she was, the fearless but hasty purple panda leaves her tribe to rescue her parents. Soon she meets Chase, a hard-headed warrior bunny training to become a Keeper of a sacred book, and Locke, an anxious but loyal inventor fox desperate to prove himself at the Capitol Games. Together they journey to Capitol City, the last place Panโ€™s parents were seen. With a band of obsessed ninja cats on their tails every step of the way, the trio realizes that Panโ€™s parents arenโ€™t just missing…they were captured while trying to stop an ancient evil before it could unleash war and destruction on the entire world.

Touch, tap, tilt, and swipe to help Pan and her friends on their adventure:

  • More than 100 fully interactive cinematic scenes with artwork drawn completely by hand
  • New imaginative locales with a full cast of inspiring and quirky characters
  • Engaging activities that will keep your child playing, thinking, and giggling
  • Read-along narration and dialogue text highlighting
  • Quality sound effects and an originally composed score

Here's to hoping this keeps your little one engaged for a few hours of free entertainment!

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