Free Coral Toothpaste

I'm ignoring the other samples on this free Coral toothpaste site because I have no idea what they are. I hope the samples are all made out of 100% coral though!

Also note that you'll be subscribed to a newsletter when you request a sample, so make sure you use a spam email account! Actually you should be doing that for every freebie

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  1. to anyone that got the Marlboro match holder/compass/flashlight, there is a recall on it. Evidently Goob doesn’t care enough about our safety to post the link. Put the www in front of it.

  2. I was diagnosed with an incurable condition that made me allergic to the cold. The doctor said there was no cure and that I would have it for life. When I was exposed to the cold, any exposed skin would break out in hives, swell and itch. My parents put me on Coral Calcium. A few weeks ago I was at my grandparents house and played out in the snow for hours! I no longer have an allergy to the cold!
    β€” (11 year old), Lacie Perry

    This is out of control haha


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