Free Custom 3D-Printed Bracelet

Here's a really neat freebie, by Google nonetheless, that's new to me. I'm enamored by the idea of home 3D printers in the not-too-distant future. Now while this freebie isn't the television or deluxe LEGO set that my inner Goob would prefer, a free custom 3D-printed bracelet is a nice start. Though try not to panic like I did when you can't think of anything cool to put on your freebie.

21 comments on “Free Custom 3D-Printed Bracelet”

  1. I got mine in the mail this week, but it wasn’t the phrase I’d requested… I guess they got them mixed up. It was free at least.

  2. Thanks, I now have a “serenity now” bracelet on its way to me… I work for a hotel at a ski resort and winter is coming, and I am also a big Seinfeld fan!

  3. cant quite figure this out. perhaps i just need a specific plug in to download the content…then upload it to their site. anyone have suggestions?


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