Free Deltapine Shirt

It's been a hot minute since I've discovered a legitimate free t-shirt offer. Yet today I stumbled across this free Deltapine shirt form! They want you to share a “story of strength and success” in order to get this freebie. Here's what I included with mine.

One time I couldn't open a jar of pickles, but I really wanted a snack. 6 months of heavy lifting and exercise later, I'm now strong enough to steal as many pickles as I want from my neighbors. SUCCESS!

While this is a legit freebie, it's clearly not meant for the masses. I'd expect this to die before the end of today, so don't delay! Our free shirts should ship out in late May.

7 comments on “Free Deltapine Shirt”

  1. The website doesn’t work. It just freezes after you hit the submit button. πŸ™ Guess I won’t get a nice T`shirt : `(

  2. I have decided after my health has declined. I have worked hard to become stronger. I have even lost 30 plus pounds and have regained a lot of my strength.


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