Free Folger’s 1850 Coffee

Next up on PINCHme's freebie tour is some free Folger's 1850 coffee. Now, I'm no coffee snob, but even I might turn my nose to a cup of coffee from 1850. Free is free, but ugh, imagine how stale it'll taste!

We get to pick from K-Cups, lightly roast, or dark roast. Samples should arrive in 4-6 weeks. It's already been a 168 years, what's a few more weeks?

This offer is only set to run through October 18 or while supplies last, so don't delay.

4 comments on “Free Folger’s 1850 Coffee”

  1. New to the Pinchme site. Went on to request sample of Folgers 1850 coffee. Site asked me a lot of questions then matched me with free offers – none of which was the coffee. What gives?

  2. Yes, thank you for posting a non-PINCHme link. I used to have an account with PINCHme, and there was a time where they sent me samples and I went on the website to leave feedback (after I had already done so for other products a few times, it wasn’t like I was brand new), but the site was having issues and wouldn’t let me, like the page was not working or it did not even register in my account that those samples had been sent. I tried emailing them. Nothing. Then, the next couple of times I went to log in, I couldn’t log in. The reset password email never showed. Then, I was notified that they had banned my account (for failing to leave feedback), and I emailed them -again- and never got a response. I know others have (hopefully) not had this misfortune with them, and I know this was an irrelevant rant, but here it is anyway.


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