Free Genexa Children Medicine

Free Genexa Children Medicine

Submit your email and they'll send you a printable coupon good for a free bottle of children's Genexa medicine, valued up to $11.99!

It took a few minutes, but I eventually got my coupon emailed to me. So what is this stuff?

Did you know that most medicine is filled with unnecessary artificial ingredients? Like talc, lactose, and other things we can't pronounce. Ready for real medicine made clean?

We believe people should feel good about what makes their families better. That’s why we created the first clean medicine company. One that makes medicine with the same active ingredients people need, but without the artificial ones they don't. It's real medicine made clean, because that's what people deserve.

Hahahahaha. Oh boy. I'm sorry, but I can only laugh at the faulty logic behind “I can't pronounce this, therefore it must be bad.” If I'd thought that way, I would have died from cancer.

Seriously, what a bunch of buzzwordy garbage marketing. “First clean medicine company?” Give me a flippin' break.

Oh hey, what's that tiny text at the bottom of the page?

Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.


But hey, it's free!

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