Free Harvard Business Review Magazine

If you take a short survey about your cell phone habits, you can get a free Harvard Business Review magazine subscription. I've never read an issue of this before, but it's described as a magazine for “business leaders” and a subscription costs $80 on Amazon!

I'm not much of a leader though. I can't even get my family to follow me in going caroling. They keep using the same tired, old excuses of “we can't sing” and “it's too cold” or “hey, Goob's had enough eggnog, let's throw him in the snow and see how long he can last.”

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

3 comments on “Free Harvard Business Review Magazine”

  1. Harvard Business Review is a great magazine but maybe not a good choice for everyone. A lot of the articles are geared toward senior leaders of organizations but there is still a lot of good information for anyone who is business-minded. I enjoy my subscription and I’m nowhere near the senior management level. If it’s going to be free I would say go for it and even if you can’t find any articles you’re interested in reading you could leave it out on the coffee table to impress your guests 🙂


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