Free Human Rights Information Kit

I think the first human right is that we should all have the right to have pancakes for dinner and steak for breakfast. As you can tell from the multiple food posts in a row, its time for me to eat so I don't get much loopier than this. So while I'm waiting for this free human rights information kit to come, I might have to create my own list of human rights and see if I can get people to follow them… I think my first right should be something about cake…

(Thanks again, Audrey!)

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

10 comments on “Free Human Rights Information Kit”

  1. Let there be cake! :0) Hey maybe Goob could find a free offer for one to be delivered right to the door for anerves! Yep, I bet he could! Specially marked HANDS OFF HUBBY! LOL! This cake belongs to anerves!

  2. i live between a small somewhere and Canada…. so won’t let me, is more like, won’t drive me… figured I’d just say hey mama! bring me a cake when i have the baby! and I’ll be all good in say 3 months more of craving.

  3. cake is a human right if you are pregnant and craving…. just like I’ve been craving for 4 months. too bad hubby won’t let me


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