Free KIND Snack Bar

In order to get a free KIND snack bar, you'll need to do the following steps. It looks like a bunch, but it honestly only takes a minute or two.

  1. Click the yellow “SEND A KIND SNACK” button.
  2. Click the envelope, then enter your freebie email.
  3. Check your email and click the green “SEND A KIND SNACK” button.
  4. This load's a form to message your “friend.” Enter a “friend's” name and email.

    You should coincidentally have access to this email account and wow wouldn't it be strange if you and your friend had the same name?

    In plain English: enter a 2nd freebie email account you have. If you use gmail, you can use your original freebie address again by adding a + at the end of your username.

    For instance, if your freebie email is [email protected], you can also use [email protected] and the message will still get to your inbox! Most systems interpret those as two different emails. πŸ˜‰

  5. Check the second email inbox and there will be a red link to a signup form.
  6. Enter your mailing address into the form and you'll get your free KIND snack bar in a few weeks.

The signup form says this offer should be valid through the end of the year. However, that's been there since 2012 and … well, you do the math πŸ™‚

These things must be worth it if they keep giving them away, right? I can't remember what they taste like. But I love how KIND's owners are so sure of their snacks that they picked a font that screams at you.

Previous versions of this freebie forced you to pledge to … I don't know, do something. Or maybe not do something. As you can tell, it was a vital pledge that I took with the utmost seriousness.

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  1. Some video played and I clicked some button and it said to sign-in with Facebook……. No Thanks, too much trouble for me, these KIND missions are getting more complicated as the missions continue.Β  Regardless, love this site (heyitsfree) πŸ™‚

  2. It took me a couple of times sending emails to myself from 2 different accounts for it to work, but eventually it did!


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