Free KIND Thins Snack Bar

In order to get a free KIND Thins snack bar, you'll need to be one of the first 50,000 to sign up here. You'll also be entered to win a $5,000 prize!

Somewhere along the way KIND became a freebie staple on HIF. They've given away so many of these since 2011-ish. Previous versions of this freebie forced you to pledge to … I don't know, do something. Or maybe not do something. As you can tell, it was a vital pledge that I took with the utmost seriousness.

22 comments on “Free KIND Thins Snack Bar”

  1. Some video played and I clicked some button and it said to sign-in with Facebook……. No Thanks, too much trouble for me, these KIND missions are getting more complicated as the missions continue.Β  Regardless, love this site (heyitsfree) πŸ™‚

  2. It took me a couple of times sending emails to myself from 2 different accounts for it to work, but eventually it did!


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