Free Loctite Threadlocker

Henkel is giving away free Loctite Threadlocker to people with a business address.

Formulated as wax-like, semi-solid adhesives packaged in a self-feeding stick applicator, Loctite 248 and Loctite 268 Threadlocker Sticks provide robust cure even on oil-contaminated or inactive metals like stainless steel. Only Henkel offers these convenient stick threadlockers for use in different maintenance, repair and overhaul applications.

You can select from the following options:

  • Threadlocker – Loctite 243, 0.5ml
  • Threadlocker – Loctite 263, 0.5ml
  • Retaining Compound – Loctite 680, 0.5ml
  • Thread Sealants – Loctite 567 TB, 6ml EN

Since this isn't geared towards the public, please only request this sample if you actually have threads needing locking.

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