Over 800 Free Recyclebank Points

I'm often asked why bother racking up free points from places like Kellogg's Family Rewards or Recyclebank. Well, in this case, how about a ton of free magazine subscriptions?

Recyclebank currently have 40+ (44 as of writing this), ranging from 160 to 480 points. Most magazines only cost around 200 points. But how do you get free Recyclebank points? I'm glad you asked!

I've compiled as many of the free Recyclebank points opportunities below, ranked by amount. Most of these are perpetually available, meaning you can get these points months and even years later. So after just a few minutes,

    Recyclebank Free 30 Points

  • 30 points – Which Metals Are Accepted for Recycling?
  • 30 points – Enjoy And Care For The Outdoors This Spring
  • Recyclebank Free 25 Points

  • 25 points – Plastic, By the Numbers
  • 25 points – What's Special About Compost?
  • 25 points – A Primer on Paper
  • 25 points – In Honor Of Girl Scouts Day, Make Smart Glass Choices For A Smaller Footprint
  • 25 points – Getting Back To Basics With Plastic Recycling
  • 25 points – Reducing Waste With The 5Rs
  • 25 points – Reduce Waste In The Bathroom With Easy Hacks
  • 25 points – End Of The Week Recap: April 5th
  • 25 points – Getting Back To Basics With Paper Recycling
  • Recyclebank Free 20 Points

  • 20 points – End Of The Week Recap: May 3rd
  • 20 points – What Is Recycling Contamination?
  • 20 points – Practical Product Swaps To Reduce Waste Everyday
  • 20 points – End Of The Week Recap: April 19th
  • 20 points – Getting Back To Basics With Metal Recycling
  • 20 points – End Of The Week Recap: March 1st
  • Recyclebank Free 15 Points

  • 15 points – End Of The Week Recap: April 12th
  • 15 points – End Of The Week Recap: April 26th
  • 15 points – End Of The Week Recap: March 29th
  • 15 points – End Of The Week Recap: March 15th
  • Recyclebank Free 10 Points

  • 10 points – Is iron an element?
  • Recyclebank Free 5 Points

  • 5 points – What industry uses 80 percent of America’s consumed water?
  • 5 points – What is projected to be the world population by 2030?
  • 5 points – Why are many people in dry climates xeriscaping their yards?
  • 5 points – Roughly how many gallons of water are there on earth?
  • 5 points – What is the main greenhouse gas that is created in landfills?
  • 5 points – Is acrylic a type of plastic?
  • 5 points – What is carbon sequestration?
  • 5 points – What does “zero-waste” refer to?
  • 5 points – What is one main cause of acid rain?
  • 5 points – What is the second largest contributor to methane emissions in the US?
  • 5 points – What is the largest contributor to methane emissions in the US?
  • 5 points – What percentage of total US methane emissions comes from landfills?
  • 5 points – What is yard waste?
  • 5 points – Why do autumn leaves change color?
  • 5 points – What is an eco tawashi?
  • 5 points – What is the triple bottom line?
  • 5 points – Does recycling reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
  • 5 points – What does VOC stand for?
  • 5 points – What does “anaerobic” mean?
  • 5 points – Can you recycle “biodegradable” plastic curbside?
  • 5 points – What is acid rain?
  • 5 points – What is e-cycling?
  • 5 points – 4 Easy Lifestyle Changes To Begin 2019 With An Eco-Friendly Boost
  • 5 points – 6 Creative Ways to Repurpose School Supplies for Summer
  • 5 points – 5 Hard-To-Swallow Environmental Facts About Meat Production
  • 5 points – 5 Waste-Reducing Ideas for Bookworms
  • 5 points – Disposables To Decline, Part 1
  • 5 points – Can colored paper be recycled?
  • 5 points – How should biodegradable plastic be disposed of?
  • 5 points – What is borosilicate glass?
  • 5 points – Recycling: A Serious Water Saver – Test Your Knowledge
  • 5 points – Clean House and Clean Out for Spring
  • 5 points – Blue Avocado: Reusable Food-Storage Containers That Reduce Waste
  • 5 points – What does GHG stand for?
  • 5 points – What are food miles?
  • 5 points – 10 Fun And Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Month
  • 5 points – What is composting?
  • 5 points – How many pounds of clothing does the average American donate or recycle each year?
  • 5 points – What is a common chemical used to make paper white?
  • 5 points – 8 Ways To Green Your Beauty Routine
  • 5 points – What To Do With Spring Cleaning Recyclables?
  • 5 points – What is the average lifespan of a desktop computer?
  • 5 points – 5 Ways To Repurpose Recyclables For Your Garden
  • 5 points – Reduce Waste With These Handy Tips
  • 5 points – What does MRF stand for?
  • 5 points – Which of the following should not be composted at home?
  • 5 points – Which was the first major US city to ban plastic straws and single-use utensils?
  • 5 points – What is rayon?
  • 5 points – What city had the first bike sharing system in the US?
  • 5 points – 6 Simple Ideas For Sustainably Decluttering Your Life
  • 5 points – 6 Unlucky Sustainability Issues (And How To Fix Them)
  • 5 points – What portion of landfills is taken up by container and packaging waste in the US?
  • 5 points – Where does most aluminum come from?
  • 5 points – What is plastic film?
  • 5 points – What are bioplastics?
  • 5 points – 7 Things To Fix Instead Of Pitch
  • 5 points – Are Zip Ties Recyclable Curbside?
  • 5 points – 7 Handy Tips To Green Your Spring Cleaning
  • 5 points – Disposables To Decline, Part 1
  • 5 points – In which product is PET plastic most commonly found?
  • 5 points – Are tea bags compostable?
  • 5 points – What does “biodegradable” refer to?
  • 5 points – Can I Recycle Styrofoam?
  • 5 points – Is paper a renewable resource
  • 5 points – Where does most plastic come from?
  • 5 points – What is Recycling Contamination? – Test Your Knowledge
  • 5 points – What is a good zero-waste replacement for single-use paper towels?
  • 5 points – Disposables To Decline, Part 2
  • 5 points – How many trees make 1 ton of paper?
  • 5 points – 6 Reasons to Start Planning (and Planting!) Your Garden Now
  • 5 points – If a product is labeled, β€œmade with organic ingredients,” what percentage of the contents need to be certified organic?
  • 5 points – In what ways is organic farming better for the world?
  • 5 points – How can seeking out local produce help the environment?
  • 5 points – Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products You Can Count On
  • 5 points – What does HDPE stand for?
  • Recyclebank Free Points

  • ?? points – What Are Greenhouse Gases?
  • ?? points – Recycling: A Serious Water Saver
  • ?? points – What Is Recycling Contamination?

52 comments on “Over 800 Free Recyclebank Points”

  1. Yes, I’ve gotten all the magazine I’ve ever ordered. Some did take a couple of months to start though, but I get about 10 free mags from recyclebank alone. Seems the timing depends on the publisher.

  2. has ANYBODY received any magazines from the last time recycle points have been posted? Its been well over 2 months & I have not gotten any magazines yet .. boo.. πŸ™

  3. If you’re like me and can’t figure out why the points won’t credit to you, TEMPORARILY disable pop ups. Alternatively, you can also just allow recycle bank pop ups.

  4. i actually LEARNED Something through the recycle website. I got a gagillion points and used them to get 3 subscriptions and I need to buy some kashi so i can get another subscription!!!!

    I really honestly learned stuff that I had NO clue about.. that is the PURPOSE of doing these tests – surveys etc… so no, its NOT counter productive at all.

    A little effor went a long way with me, and i WILL be doing ALOT of things to reduce my carbon footprint. Really had no clue how wasteful and lazy that I have become as a ‘lucky American consumer’…

    Anyways, im STOKED with this website..

    #37 and anyone else – when doing the green your school and the other two options under that one, you have to hit ‘COLLECT YOUR POINTS’ and then you can collect your points (collect your rewards..) whatever it says.

    I went thru all three 2x before I realized that I didn’t hit collect my points… then the third time, i got all the points.. thus affording me the ability to cash in my points for 3 magazine subs!

    so the rest of you who complain. get over yourself and put forth some effort my fellow even WORSE and Lazier Americans!!!



    Do everything in FIREFOX…
    Allow plug ins to work….

  5. Tried Green Your School a bunch of times but I got no points. The site is cool buy it is such a real pain to get points. Good luck to y’all. πŸ™‚

  6. ps on the brita water filter quiz, use the numbers above the letters on the keyboard, not the pad on the right side. i got really frustrated at first before hitting the number keys on top!

  7. when you click to get your points, if the wheel keeps spinning and spinning, you do get your points. none of mine confirmed and it kept spinning but when i signed in after it was all done to check my points. indeed i got them all. dont worry!

  8. Thank you so much for this! It was easy to do and makes me happy that I got a free extra points for referring family and friends and having ziploc bags and kashi cereal. Seriously this was awesome.

  9. Isn’t a little counter-productive for a site that is about change, recycling, pledging to create a better future, etc… to offer massive amounts of magazine subscriptions?.. just sayin’.

  10. IT WORKED FOR ME!! took a long time to figure it all out (have never used recyclebank) but once I skipped around I got the 170 total & just got the Harpers Bazar….yea!!!

  11. Finally, got it & more. Not sure what made the water 25 pt finally work, because i tried so many things, anyway:) Also, in the school thing, you can get even more points – go back to “shopping” & “first day” tabs. Thanks Goob!

  12. Forget Papa John’s. I can’t get past the first survey–Britta water. it asks how many bottles of water i drink a month. i can put the number but then it just keeps flashing number. i have hit enter on keyboard, tried to hit all over the screen using the mouse, etc. can’t go anywhere else.

  13. Yay! I had a few saved up from last time, then I did the Suave quiz and the Green Your School Year quiz… I had enough points for THREE subscriptions! Thanks!!

  14. Hi Guys,
    I wanted to let you know, I had found out about HIF about 3 1/2yrs ago. My local News station (Wisconsin’s Fox 11) had a segment on coupons & freebies. They had anounced your website ( it was the only 1, & very trusted by their newscasters), so I gave you a try. Your are very wonderful & appreciated by ALL my family & friends. Thank you for all you do for us Hiffers.

    Best Wishes,
    The Savage Family

  15. got my 50 points. now I need to wait for something ‘free’. Already used up some points for a free subscription to Good Housekeeping. Love this!


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