Free Magazines for Military Members

I hate that I can't personally sign up to verify this free magazine subscriptions for active duty military members offer, but the closest I've ever come to being brave and defending my country is killing waves of zerglings in Starcraft 2. Hey, we've all got our strengths! Fine, and weaknesses. Lots and lots of weaknesses.

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

5 comments on “Free Magazines for Military Members”

    • We live on base but I can’t fully verify it until my husband can since he is the only one with access to his military e-mail address.

  1. I love how all of those are clichรฉ men’s magazines. And absolutely nothing that my military man would want. (Nothing I’d want, either.) But it’s at least nice that they’re doing something for the military!

  2. You need a military e-mail to get the appreciation code and the magazines can only be sent to military addresses. I’ll have my husband verify it completely later but if you’re military and don’t live on base then you’re out of luck it looks like.


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