Free Magic: The Gathering Deck

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To say that I was a nerd growing up would imply that I'm no longer a nerd now. And seriously, how much more geeky could I be than writing for a freebie website and listening to podcasts while playing Dungeons and Dragons on Facebook? Yeah, exactly.

Back in November, I happened across a freebie that made me a bit nostalgic… See, in high school, I was a bit more of a nerd than I am now. I played Magic: The Gathering, Star Wars Collectible Card Game, and a vampire collectible card game. Yup, I'd scrounge up my money and buy decks of “collectible cards” that were supposedly worth “money.” And then, I remember the day that Pokemon cards came around, and all of my cards? Were worth about what I paid for one deck. Le sigh.

But now, I don't feel as bad by requesting this free deck of Magic: The Gathering cards. Because after I receive this free deck? I shall rule the world!

Until the new set comes out and totally pwns me… πŸ™

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