Free Make Marijuana Legal Sticker

I have some friends who might enjoy a free Make Marijuana Legal sticker. Then again, they'd probably have trouble peeling the back off and end up staring at it for a few hours.

I need some new friends.

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

11 comments on “Free Make Marijuana Legal Sticker”

  1. I hope this offer is still legitimate, I really want this bumper sticker.
    (WHAT?! Did a pothead, like myself, just write a sentence with proper grammar?)

  2. Jeannie, no matter how harmful alcohol is if we outlaw it we’ll create a massive violent black market which will sell to children and adults alike – exactly like we’ve created by outlawing marijuana.

    We need to commercially produce and sell marijuana to adults and undercut the cartel’s marijuana prices. This will eliminate two-thirds of the cartel’s incomes and end the 6,000+ brutal murders they commit every year. Many of their victims are children, police officers and politicians.

    Legalize – Save Lives!!

  3. I think they should legalize it and outlaw alcohol. I don’t smoke it, nor would I if it were legal, but I know enough to know that more teenagers kill and are killed in drunk driving accidents than from “pot driving accidents”.

  4. some people just havent a clue. Pot wont make you zone out staring at a damn sticker. lsd, mushrooms, micro-dot does you idiots. No wonder potheads get a bad wrap cause ppl who are ignorant on the subject make stupid claims they obviously havent any idea on.


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