Free Mary Kay Miracle Set

Mary Kay sure does enjoy making huge promises. First it was the ultimate mascara and now they've got this free Mary Kay Miracle Set. Really? It performs miracles? Sweet! I have no idea what any of the free items listed below do, but by all means, bring on the divine interventions!

TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser (Goob: How can three go into one?!)
TimeWise Age Fighting Moisturizer
TimeWise Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 25
TimeWise Night Solution

Hmmm. Not quite the miracles I was hoping for there since I'm a dude. Unless maybe the “Night Solution” performs the miracles of making your dreams come true. Ohhhhh baby, come on giant army of mutant lobsters commanded by Napoleon, who of course is using the Age Fighting Moisturizer to stave off death. The Knights of the Round Table and I are ready to finally beat you guys once and for all!

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  1. A Mary Kay consultant was offering free full size samples of the Microdermabrasion Set, a $55 value. I got the products thinking that it was a free sample and if I liked it that I would order the product and receive another one. I was wrong. I got my “free sample” with a card saying that if I liked it, the money owed was $55.

    This confused me, so if I didn’t like the product, it was free, but if I did, I would send in $55 to the consultant. In my mind, I believed that the free sample I was getting was actually free and when I did place an order for more of it, the $55 I would be sending in would purchase me another set….instead the $55 paid for my “free sample”.

    This is very misleading and the reason why I only shop at discounted Mary Kay sites online that liquidate Mary Kay inventories of former consultants. I feel like I was mislead. I did not receive anything free like I was promised. I am skeptical to buy through an MK consultant because I do not like being mislead.

  2. Please be aware that different consultants have left free sample requests, and might have become overwhelmed as I have. I have received over 40,000 request for samples since this site started running my website. This was totally unexpected. If you truely want to try our fine line of skin care, please register on my site with REAL information. If I send an email to you and it is a phony one, I donot send out the sample. Mary Kay is a great company and does not just call and bother people, if you have had that experience, I am sorry. I can not guarantee when you will receive a sample or if the sample will be different, I am doing the best I can. I am only one person, and I have to pay about $5.00 for every sample of the miracle set I send out. So I will do the best I can. If you are serious and want a great skin care product and that is why you want to try the miracle set, register on my site and send me an email also with your adress, an you will moved to the top of the list and be assured the miracle set samplers. Others might receive another sampler. I am also contacting all Mary Kay consultants I know to help me go through this list as fast as I can to fulfill all requests as best we can. Have a Marry Christmas. Kathleen Mitchell Mary Kay

  3. I agree with J , I too have applied for Mary Kay sample products and have never received any. Maybe you do have to leave a REAL number . Not very smart since you would be then giving them permission to harrass you all day long. Admin should boycott Mary kay stuff , not worth being harrassed over to get .

  4. I have applied for tons of Mary Kay free samples before and I never received anything. I also used a fake number and maybe that’s the reason why I never got anything. I never wanted to leave my real phone number and after hearing some of the feedback on here , I’m glad I didn’t .

  5. Hi All,

    I am “that awful Mary kay Consultant” you are referring to who offered these samples. I do not know who you have dealt with in the past, but I promise you I will not call you unless you leave me a message to call. Also, so there are no misunderstandings, this is a free offer for samples of the miracle set, not full size products. And I will e happy to send you any other sample you would like. And Men, we do have skin products for you too. I believe in try before you buy, if you like our skin care line simply place your order and I will ship it free. If you don’t, I would not want you to buy it, because it would end up in that drawer we all have for used and unliked beauty products. My customers are special to me, I treat them as I would like to be treated myself, and I hate annoying salespeople who call and call or drop b y unannounced. so no worries of that with me. And all our products are money back guaranteed. But bottom line is When you register on my website I will send you the samples you want and will not call you and bother you. If after trying the samples you decide you would like any products, you can let me know and I will mail it to you free. God Bless, Kathy

  6. It’s true, I once had a MK rep call my husband in order to get me to sell!?! This is a marketing tool for their reps to be able to contact you and they WILL CALL!! Kelly is right, they are tenacious!

  7. I think the Miracle part comes from getting them to not call 50 freaking times a day! I like MK stuff, but jeez louise people, take a hint…I will call you! Great Freebie though πŸ™‚


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