Free Movember Promotional Items

At work they were surprised when I flat ironed my hair and came to work with an awesome comb-over/straight hair a la Matt Smith. Yup, the guy with the crazy curly afro was able to pull it off in an amazing Galifreyan way.

That makes me think that the next thing I need to do is grow a mustache, then register and participate in Movember so I can grab this free Movember promotional kit with its wristband, buttons, and posters.

Why not? I mean, I've already tried most hairstyles known to man-kind…

6 comments on “Free Movember Promotional Items”

  1. I do feel a bit bad that I’m faking my registration for a movement I have no intention of supporting.

    In fact, just like with all of the freebies of this kind; I’ll look at it for like 2 minutes and then put everything in the trash.

    I’m a douchebag.


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