Free Nestle Brand 8-Pack of Water (Still Active!)

Nestle is giving away coupons for free 8-packs of water of their varying brands. These brands are region-specific, because it's a well established fact that every region of the world drinks different water. Can't have the same, basic, life-sustaining water sold under the same brand nationwide – that'd be madness! I once drank Oregon water after growing up exclusively on South Carolina and it put me in the hospital for 10 years.

If you live in any of the states listed below or know these brands are sold near you, then request a coupon and you should receive it in 4-8 weeks. You have until 9/30/19 to request your freebie and the coupons themselves don't expire until 12/31/19!

I'd be awesome if we could direct our coupons over to Flint, MI residents somehow since Nestle seems to enjoy hurting local communities! But hey, trash brands are gonna trash.

5 comments on “Free Nestle Brand 8-Pack of Water (Still Active!)”

  1. I know a pastor in Flint and the church that he is at still has bad water. I collect pop cans and bring them back to buy them water.

  2. I’m sure there are those who like this flavored product but, after trying it the last time with a freebie coupon, I wouldn’t take this if Nestle paid me to. To me, it was nasty.

  3. Thank you for throwing out the Flint,Mi comment. I live in Michigan and have family who live in Flint. It’s a disgrace that our State & our country are doing nothing to help Flint.


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