Free American Express “Open for Business” Kit

If you're a business owner, then American Express will send you a free Open for Business kit. What's in the kit?

The Open for Business Kit includes a series of products to let customers know they can Shop Small safely. Kit includes

  • Hand Sanitizer Gel 16 fl. oz. Pump Bottle
  • Back to Business Open/Close Sign
  • Social Distancing Floor Decals
  • Shop Small Decal Sheet
  • Terminal/POS decals that let customers know they can pay their preferred way.

I didn't request this since I don't have a “business,,” per say. It's kinda hard to charge people to read a freebie site. I once asked Hiffers to insert a quarter into their computer every time they loaded HIF, but somehow that money never made its way to me.

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

1 thought on “Free American Express “Open for Business” Kit”

  1. Those chunky quarters definitely don’t fit into the usb ports. Maybe we could try putting dollar bills in the cd drive to upload them. Then again, during a pandemic, that might not be sanitary. I’m imagining you with the floor decals six feet away from your laptop trying to run your biz safely with grimy dollar bills popping out of your cd drive and you wiping them down with hand sanitizer while wearing a mask and gloves. Someday we’ll be telling the grandchildren about what a crazy year it’s been and they won’t believe us.


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