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If your walls are looking a little bare, sign up for one of the free posters and publications listed below! They're the perfect icebreaker for anybody who comes into your place:

Friend: Hey, where'd you get that poster?
You: Uh, from Goob and HIF.
Friend: *weird look creeps upon their face*
You: This site called HIF links to free stuff…and the guy who runs it is named Goob.
Friend: *slowly begins to back away*
You: You know, it's a lot cooler than I'm explaining it.
Friend: Oh hey, look at the time *drops car keys as they fumble with your front door* I think I'm supposed to be somewhere else right about now.

I'm optimistic you're better at explaining HIF than I am.

A lot of these post are for displaying information about wildlife, animals, etc. for your kids or their school. Many of them are gorgeous print posters and I know some of the schools around here could use some extra stuff on the walls to spice up the classrooms, so I just ordered some!

Active Free Poster Offers

10 comments on “Free Posters”

  1. My neighbor’s boy will be 9 next month. I always get him some little gadget for his birthday. Thanks to you Goob he’ll be getting a couple posters AND a Honk Suppressor. What more could a boy want but a beeper to drive mom crazy!

  2. I just found out that the guy I sold my car to still kept the HIF sticker on it when he bought it. Saw him going down the road yesterday. Whoo-hoo!

  3. Nah Goob…here’s the real conversation:

    Friend: “Hey, where’d you get that poster?”
    You: Uh, from Goob and HIF
    Friend: *admiring look crosses her face*
    You: There’s this site called HIF that gives away free stuff….and the guy that runs it is named Goob.
    Friend: *quickly moves forward*
    You: You know, it’s a lot cooler than I am explaining it.
    Friend: No! It sounds way cooler! And…his name should be God!!!

  4. I got these too! I shouldnt have gotten so many booklets though. I’m going to be that jerk that gives them out to trick-or-treaters.


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