Free Sport Koolie & Sweatband

Free Sport Koolie Sweatband

Boulevard Brewing is giving away a free sport koolie & sweatband. All you have to do is fill out the form and promise to participate in a “virtual race” on May 2.

Why is “race” in quotes? Because everyone wins! When you sign up for this walking/running/biking/rollerblading/skateboarding/whatever-ing event, we'll send you a sweet Easy Sport sweatband for the race, and an equally sweet Easy Sport koolie for your post-race refreshment.

Oh, you betcha. I'm gonna race back and forth to the kitchen for Oreo snacks throughout the day. Just like I've done every other day during quarantine!

Signup ends on April 25, but I don't think these will last that long.

There's also an option to submit a race photo or video to win a Garmin smartwatch. There's no requirement to do this if you only want the freebie though.