Free Sunflower Seeds

Too bad these free sunflower seeds are meant for planting, not eating. In order to get them, look for the image above (it's in the lower left) and upon clicking it, your email program will open. Send them you name and address and you're all set!

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

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13 comments on “Free Sunflower Seeds”

  1. All you have to do is copy and paste their email addy into YOUR free email acct. and give your name and home addy, tell the company what you’re requesting and click “SEND”. You’re done!! Just b/c you can’t use their submission form doesn’t mean you can’t get the freebie.

    Next time an offer like this comes up…’ll know what to do.

  2. This is what the email you send them says:

    To: [email protected]
    Subject: sun seeds

    Hi Somersaults Team.

    Send me my sunflower seeds so I can bring some sunshine into my backyard! Please send to the following:


    Address (no P.O. Boxes):



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