Free TENA Adult Pads

Here's a refreshed link for yet another round of free TENA adult sample kits. This link has a selection of different sized pads, liners, and underwear available for both men and women.

TENA is one of the few old-school freebie companies still pumping out new offers as of 2024. You might even call them “permanent” freebies. I use air quotes because they're not literally permanent, but they might as well be in Freebie Years. Some of these samples have been active for over nine years now! That's old enough to qualify for Freebie Retirement.

As for this freebie, my friend Tina TENA has revamped their classic pads and guards samples to better centralize all the full-sized samples they offer. These are a great freebie for those who can use them properly, but they also make me a bit nostalgic for times long past. When I started HIF over a decade ago, I used the first TENA freebie to convince my little brother that I wasn't potty trained. It was a long-con prank that I still consider one of my top 10.

And now he's about to enter his 40s!

That actually reminds me of another story he recently shared with me that quickly had me gasping for breath through fits of laughter. The short version is that he was running extremely late for work one morning while looking for a clean pair of underwear. He then remembered a freebie “underwear” package had arrived days prior because I often sign my family up for freebies while testing to see if they're still active. He tore the package open, finished getting dressed and happily breathed a sigh of relief as he climbed into his car. As he backed out of the driveway, his brain finally caught up to the unfolding reality and registered the soft, squishy sensation around his butt. That was when he quietly asked aloud to nobody but himself “hey, are we wearing a diaper right now?”

Hahahaha, there is no way I could have been born into a more perfect family.

About the Author: Goob

I'm a nationally renowned freebie finder & sample vetter, which I never imagined I'd be doing while getting my Bachelor's Degree in History almost 20 years ago. In my spare time, I enjoy launching my own space program and disproving the Coriolis effect.

49 comments on “Free TENA Adult Pads”

  1. I would like the laundry elves to do my laundry and do the flying pigs know how to do dishes? I presume they are premium freebies and will go fast LOL

  2. It would be nice if you’d tell us what the product is. I’d never heard of it, and the link didn’t give me a clue. (Fortunately google did before I ordered it.)

  3. A, I don’t think it’s fair to people who can really use this product who won’t get a chance to receive them because the freebie will run out while you are using them as gag gifts.

  4. if you read the fine print at the bottom, you can request 5 sample packs.
    needless to say, my brother will soon be receiving 5 packages of the largest sizes available! thanks for posting these, they make for great gag-gifts πŸ™‚

  5. Hey Goob….Goddess bless your “freebie ministry”…this went thru without a hitch…
    3 cheers for Goob….he looks out for his constituents….

  6. I haven’t ordered this yet. We have a mail slot in our front door. I don’t think our mailman can squeeze this one thru it. LOL

  7. @ #10 Laura Davis: You are right… there’s a few “freebie” sites that I regularly visit and the links from here nearly always deliver, unlike almost any other place where I’m lucky if I see 25% of what I request.

  8. this website is the best, sillies!

    i’ve received quite a few things from using this site! love it… rock on Goob πŸ™‚

  9. I sent an adult diapers freebie to my boyfriend without telling him, just like I send all the freebies to him, so when he got his mail one day it wasn’t unusual to him to find a box of something. This time though he got excited because the box was rather large and sort of heavy so he quickly opened it, thinking it was going to be full of a bunch of freebies, and was soon suprised to find these big white adult mens underwear! Haha, one of the best suprises, in my opinion, I’ve ever given him.

  10. I posted this to FB as so many of us have elderly parents or grandparents who may need these. To buy this stuff is pretty expensive.

    A friend that also gets samples told me she uses the samples of depends or pads to wrap around her Christmas and bday gifts so they mail safely.

  11. Ha Ha that beats my story (well my husband’s story) of me signing up for a free Depends sample and it getting jammed in the mail box at our apartment complex and my husband struggling to pull it out while a crowd gathered round just in time to see the “YOUR FREE DEPENDS SAMPLE HAS ARRIVED!” when he finally got it unlodged and pulled out. He was NOT happy with me that day.

  12. Oh boy! my older brother is gunna hate me for this joke. His birthday is in June.
    I normally do something stupid and crazy for his birthdays(his last year of not being 30)
    SO i gotta do something good! I hope they get here before the end of June.
    I’ll let you all know his react to it.LOL!

  13. Better than the free sample. Click women home, then bathroom finder. You can search for bathrooms all across the country by address, state or zip code.

  14. Well, I hope you guys stay young forever and never get old (drink from
    the fountain of youth) and never get age spots or gray hair or wrinkles
    or have to use one of these (actually I hope you have to use them early, I
    once worked with a 33 yr old who had to wear diapers)….laugh on

  15. Haha…pad your pillow!I thought that was hilarious! But, I’m also up at 2 am, and only slept a few hours last night. So it probably is the lack of sleep that makes it so funny. Thanks for the laugh!


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