Free Virtual Debit Card from Budweiser

For the first time in 37 years, Budweiser will not air a Super Bowl commercial this year. So what are they doing with the extra cash they'll save? Apparently they're giving it away to us!

For the first time in 37 years, Budweiser will not be airing an ad during the Super Bowl Sunday broadcast. Our digital ad “Bigger Picture” narrated by Rashida Jones, celebrates the individual acts of resilience that sparked hope during a trying year and announces our support for vaccine awareness and education throughout 2021. Instead, we are redirecting those advertising dollars to support COVID-19 vaccine awareness and education. ​Even though you won’t see us on TV, we still want to be with you on Game Day, so here’s a Bud on us. And now that you’re a Budweiser MyCooler member you can start earning points to redeem exclusive prizes.

Here's how to snag your free money on a virtual debit card.

They don't say how much money will be loaded onto these cards, so this might just be a weird promo where we get a dead card. But, going off my pure gut instinct, I'm guessing these will have around $5 or $10 on them, enough to buy a free 6 or 12 pack.

You must be at least 21 years old to get this freebie and offer ends 2/7/21.

It also appears this offer is not valid in CA or TX.

I was able to register very quickly just now on my computer. I still haven't gotten the confirmation email, but I figured I'd post this now in case it's time sensitive. Good luck!

17 comments on “Free Virtual Debit Card from Budweiser”

  1. No debit card on site at all. They loaded 100 points to my account. They require that you sign up for emails in order to open an account.

  2. I got “We’re sorry, not all features are available in your state.
    But don’t worry, you can still shop for great gear and beverages!” I’m in Texas and it seems I don’t qualify.

  3. I got the confirmation email immediately after signing up but there’s no mention of the availability of a debit card. Maybe they’re “sold out.”

  4. Link works but it said “We’re sorry, not all features are available in your state.” I’m in California so maybe it won’t work for me.


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