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If you're looking how to get a free water bottle, then you're on the right path! While never a huge freebie, we still see these freebies given away once or twice a year. Surprisingly, the most frequent sources of free water bottles are health insurance companies and tobacco companies. πŸ˜„

While we wait for the next sample, here are some of the classic jokes we made!

Camel is giving away free water bottles that you get to customize no less. Mine features a wolf wearing a helmet alongside a tiger donning a fedora because … well why not?!

Click Activities then Bottle Lab to get to the freebie section.

If you're anything like me, you're scared to death of opening that cabinet in the kitchen right above the microwave. The second you crack the door, you'll be buried in 900 free water bottles, some of which your parents have kept from a local bank sponsorship in 1989. They'll come tumbling since you've stuffed way too many in there and then you'll never be able to cram them all back in and meanwhile, you're busy trying to pick which one you want to take to the park with you and finally you become too flustered and just plop back down in front of the computer to see what you can find on YouTube. What, I'm the only one who does this?

Unfortunately, the second word in the title above only contains two n's, which means this is just a free water bottle from Canon. I think we all can agree it would have been much cooler if this was a “cannon water bottle.” I could go either way with it too: it could be a cannon that shoots water bottles or a water bottle in the shape of a cannon.

You know, the next President should make a new Cabinet position titled Secretary of Awesome Ideas and then give me a call. I wouldn't even mind being placed near the bottom of the line of succession!

The only habit from running cross country in high school that I've carried with me through life is drinking water. I probably go through a gallon of water a day by constantly filling up a water bottle similar to this free PUR water bottle. In fact, I've probably got like 9000 of these things in my kitchen cabinets, but of course I just signed up for this as well. πŸ™‚

This free C'elle water bottle offer has me worried. The survey is about storing blood cells from a baby’s umbilical cord and then they juuuust happen to give away an object that holds liquid?

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

11 comments on “Free Water Bottle”

  1. got mine thanks! As far as SS goes, its by law for all of these site to verify your age. at least they only ask for the last 4.

  2. Can’t get it because my “Permanent Address” doesn’t match my 4-SSN. I guess that’s what I get for being in my 20’s and living in an apartment!

    • I hear ya and normally agree wholeheartedly. However tobacco companies are required by federal law to make sure nobody under 18 gets on their sites, hence the SS check.

      Still, I tell Hiffers not to join and request them if they feel that’s going to far.

      Have a good one!


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