Free Yogi Tea

free yogi tea samples

Talk about an old-school freebie coming back from the dead. I first posted this free Yogi tea sample back in September of 2006. That's almost 10 freaking years ago! A decade may not seem long ago, but in freebie years, that's like the Middle Ages.

In fact, back then I used to hunt for freebies while dressed in a full suit of armor! I was worried my pets would band together and create a new nation-state without me, so I was constantly ready to fight. Fortunately, I soon discovered the New World followed by the Enlightenment. Both are still two of my favorite bars.

The way this freebie works is that you send a “well wish” to your friend and they get two free tea samples. Don't have a friend who enjoys tea? Who cares, it doesn’t matter, because everybody and their mother (Hi Mom!) can simply send the signup link to themselves. It's our right as Americans! I'm pretty sure Madison crammed it somewhere in the Fourth Amendment.