Free Your Vote is Power Sticker

Free Your Vote is Power Sticker

MoveOn is giving away free Your Vote is Power stickers. Make sure to use a freebie email for this, as they will start immediately asking for donations.

It's 95 degrees near me, so I'm huddled in my bedroom trying to keep a single room in my apartment cold. My power company has also been warning me about potential power outages. So it's nice to learn that if I lose power, all I need to do is cram my absentee ballot inside a wall socket and I'm back to having power!

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  1. Now, now. I don’t think you quite understand. You’re supposed to stick these stickers in the electric socket, not your absentee ballot. You have to walk outside and drop the ballot into a mailbox. Then again, at the rate they’re going, we may no longer have mail service by November, so you might as well try shoving it in the socket. But, at least it will be cooler then.


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