Free Zombie Posters

EDIT: You can download a .pdf file, but they've run out of traditional samples.

Sometimes, I can't believe the freebies that are out there. Take these free zombie posters from the CDC. Yes. THE CDC. I don't know what's cooler: the fact that our government has created and released these posters, or the fact that they have a whole page of their website dedicated to the zombie apocalypse.

The only downside to this freebie, other than the fact of our own government acknowledging the upcoming zombie apocalypse and declaring subtly to beware? The fact that it'll take 4-6 weeks to arrive, so it won't be here in time for Halloween. I mean, sure, I can download and print them, but that wouldn't be my tax dollars at work!

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

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  1. Matthew 27: 53 And came out of their graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and and appeared unto many. (Uh huh.)

  2. I can not even begin to explicate my tribulation for these posters being out of stock. OUFHSREAIKBCEAJUYVBRKAYUCJVBJKZURYSZBLKJRVBZ. Damn.


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