Freebie Review 18 – Cookies and Granola Bars

Hello you crazy freebie getters! You've got Shaynon and special guest Abby here today to do a freebie review on Nabisco Oreo 100 Calorie Packs and Chewy Granola Bars.

This freebie was first posted in June 07 sometime, but it was still active and I signed up for it on December 4th and received it on December 20th 2007. This was a freebie from Sams Club.

I've set up a little tape recorder before hand so I can tape the conversation that Abby and I have about this freebie. What follows is our conversation!

Shaynon: So, tell everyone what this freebie looks like.
Abby: It looks like someone already ate it…
Shaynon: That's not very nice.
Abby: Well it's small, what would you call it.
Shaynon: I would call it a sample, that's why it's so small.
Abby: Okay, so it's the size of a cell phone, I'm thrilled.
Shaynon: I'm sure you are. The freebie is in its usual foil packaging and the whole sample came in a little cardboard box that we all know so well.
Abby: Why did you pick the Oreo kind?
Shaynon: I didn't that is what they sent.
Abby: You should be able to pick your own kind, I mean what if you don't like Oreo or nutter butter, what if I wanted the chips ahoy?
Shaynon: Wow, thanks for being such a brat while we're doing this.
Abby: Whatever, it's not like anyone asked me.
Shaynon: Well I asked you.
Abby: I'm only doing this because Mr. Goob is nice enough to let me use the site.
Shaynon: Okay, let's finish this.
Abby: Let's.
Shaynon: The Granola Bar itself smells like an Oreo, its got the white creme drizzled on top of it. What do you think it smells like Abby?
Abby: Chocolate I guess.
Shaynon: Good, ok let's try it.
(Now if you could see what was going on, as soon as we tried it, it was spat out. Horrible faces were made.)
Abby: EWWW, I can't believe you made me eat that! It tastes nasty!
Shaynon: I agree, it doesn't taste that great, but some of you might think different. To me it doesn't have a lot of flavor, its just blah bland.
Abby: You know why this is nasty, because its calorie stuff…I don't need that, I need regular Oreos, eww, I'm not doing this anymore.

And with that, she was gone. I really think her days of trying freebies are over. I would not recommend this freebie for myself, I would rather have the regular Oreos or like Goob, have double-stuf ones. But I guess you will have to try it for yourself.

My rating (1-5): πŸ™‚